How to choose fashionable clothes for sports

In today's article we will look at options for fashionable sportswear for women, which can be worn to the gym, jogging outdoors or yoga.

How to choose fashionable clothes for sports

The first option - a tracksuit, which includes slacks and jacket

Today, in any store sportswear and even network masmarketah can find a huge range of sports clothing and costumes for active pastime are no exception. Such clothing is ideal for jogging and outdoor sports in cool weather.

Do not forget about accessories for physical activity. Chief among them are the women's sports watch.

Kits should choose natural materials such as cotton. But it is possible and adding the fabric Lycra elastane - it gives the product a more attractive appearance, do not give things crush and lose form, make clothes more durable. But do not buy a track suit, if the content of synthetic fibers in it more than 50 percent.

Option Two - T-shirt and jersey leggings plus

How to choose fashionable clothes for sports

This option is perfect for stretching, yoga and fitness.

Choosing leggings, pay attention to the density of the fabric, it should be sufficient to withstand the physical loads, bending, stretching and lunges. If the fabric is too thin, it has a chance to happen embarrassment. T-shirt or T-shirt is best to choose from pure cotton, so your body will breathe while you exercise, and you will be comfortable.

The third option is suitable for warm weather training or in the gym - short shorts and sports top.

Modern tops sports often have dense cup, perfectly supports the breast, so you can wear them without a bra. But to choose such tops should be more carefully, it was convenient to move.

As for the shorts, you should pay attention to the cotton model, loose-fitting, that will not hinder you to move actively.

As for color, it is best to choose kits that combine basic chromatic colors with bright accents, such as gray suit with pink stripes. Or colored shirts with solid leggings black. Advantage of this choice will primarily universal set, then it should be noted that such sports equipment for a long time does not go out of fashion.