From what to wear cardigan with buttons

Cardigan with buttons should be in every woman's wardrobe. These things are perfect for all occasions.

It is best to have two products of different colors of the base type - black and gray. Models with different buttons:

  • length;
  • means mating;
  • manufacturing material;
  • colors.

relevant products for each season, good on any figure, most importantly, properly combined with other things.

  1. Things with buttons look great with jeans and a T-shirt or top. This combination gives a youthful appearance and always be true. If such an image is too simple for you, just supplement it with accessories: scarf, bracelet, pendant, etc.
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  3. In the spring and summer on my jeans shorts, a wool cardigan on a lighter jersey. Availability of beautiful jewelry is always appreciated, flavor can add a shoulder bag on a long strap. It is recommended to select the summer embodiment sandals without heels or ballet flats.
  4. Dresses, wallets and pencil skirts are in harmony with cardigans with buttons, but it is better to leave wide open blouse, looks so elegant. It will be pertinent belted with a thin strap.
  5. Classics of the genre - straight or tapering pants combined with the jacket buttoned. To make the business (office) should choose the style to a set of strict shirt or blouse, not buttoned cardigan with the buttons.
  6. Create a romantic image, you can use a light dress with multilayered or flared bottom and thin short top product. It can be combined with classic boats.

The rules of construction wardrobe

When connecting things, pay attention to the combination of colors. If the dress or blouse bright, choose pastel cardigan neutral tones and vice versa.

From what to wear cardigan with buttons

It is possible to put the product in the same tone to print. Pay attention to the ratio of proportions. For example, everyone's favorite turtleneck not fit under a jacket, as the body will seem too long.

It is better that they were things with a round neckline with a collar, a little cleavage, and may be longer than the top jacket. Free product model blends well with the form-fitting / tight-fitting things, short product look great with long skirts and dresses, and long cardigans worn with tops and skinny jeans.

From what to wear cardigan with buttons

With the cardigan with buttons to easily change the style depending on your mood, you can be strict business lady, and then turn into a cheerful sociable girl.