Time Stop: microcurrent therapy to strengthen the tone of facial muscles

Think that allows you to save the youth of the body: to maintain skin elasticity, keeping weight under control and to keep relief? The obvious answer is exercise.

It is thanks to the regular work of the muscles we at any age can feel the energy and mobility, delight yourself and look around.

Do not be surprised, but our face also needs gymnastics. Maintaining the tone of facial muscles, we reserve the outlines of the young person and warn gravitational ptosis - "drooping" tissue in the cheeks, lips, corners of the eyes.

Also, this type of exercise improves blood circulation that oxygenates the tissues of the skin and improves the synthesis of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, the major "building materials" of our dermis.

So how do you maintain the tone of facial muscles? Of course, you can do gymnastics, but active facial expressions can lead to the appearance of facial wrinkles, and we do not need. Two more than the best option - a massage and facial microcurrent therapy. The benefits of massage knows probably everyone, so we take a closer look at the second method.

Time Stop: microcurrent therapy to strengthen the tone of facial muscles

What is microcurrent therapy?

Microcurrents - a physiotherapy method that has come from the reduction in cosmetology and rehabilitation medicine. It is an effect on the muscles by means of a weak electric current pulses.

Current can freely penetrate deep into the dermis and cause muscle contraction. Such exposure can be compared with the training, but you are not required to do anything. Procedure microcurrent therapy necessarily involves applying to the skin a special gel-conductor. Its members usually include caring ingredients: vitamins, herbal extracts, antioxidants.

Current facilitates their penetration into the deeper layers, so that they can act more actively than usual cream or mask. Cosmeticians also observed beneficial effect of the electric current to the lymph and blood vessels, metabolic processes in the tissues and the nervous system.

Time Stop: microcurrent therapy to strengthen the tone of facial muscles

As a result of the course of microcurrent therapy you get the effect is more fresh and toned skin without wrinkles and redness. A person will be more open, and the tone - radiant with youth and beauty.

It should be noted that the micro-currents are also used for the correction of the silhouette, this procedure is called myostimulation. Best of all its impact characterizes the phrase "fitness for lazy". That is, you get the effect, both on the workout room, but lying on cosmetic couch. You do not just lose weight, but makes the body more striking and strong.

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