Frequently asked questions about hair removal and answers

All women want to have a smooth and beautiful skin without much vegetation, so almost every woman at least once in life to remove hair in different ways: a razor, wax, sugar paste and other means.

Today we look at the most frequently asked questions about hair removal and the answers to them.

How to prepare for hair removal?


1. The well-groomed skin, not overdried, use all the time before the procedure quality cream or a special lotion

2. Use the scrub before the procedure for the day. Facial scrub, body scrub does not, fine. Ideally, enzyme peeling, if the previous methods of hair removal is. were inflammatory elements ingrowth, skin seal irregularities friability.

3. Grow the minimum length - Wax 5-7mm or more. For sugar paste - 2-3-4mm or more.

4. Come to the procedure in a good mood

As far as hair removal procedure is sterile and safe?

Only used disposable material, friendly sterilizing fluid.

How long it can last hair removal procedure?

Frequently asked questions about hair removal and answers

From 30 minutes to half an hour, everything will depend on the person, his experience in waxing, hair structure, some other psycho-physiological characteristics, professionalism of the master. It is also recommended to use only high-quality and professional materials for hair removal, such as Cosmetize site. "Average temperature in the hospital - 36 and 6 - someone 42 someone room" - that something like this can give the standard answer, if it is needed.

Do last long-quality hair removal in the bikini area?

Here again, all alone, without seeing the most bikini area, your skin reaction, without prejudging whether the customer will be required to perform all of his skin procedures and rules.

About it - from 3 weeks to a month. Watching how spoiled razor hair and skin. In principle it is possible to make correction by 1-1, 5 weeks - those who after shaving in the morning hemp crawl by the evening.

Frequently asked questions about hair removal and answers

Will after epilation irritation or redness of the skin?

Professional sugar paste leaves little irritation on the skin, so the answer to this question from the perspective of waxing.

Any redness should totally go for at least half a day for 2 days maximum, but it's very sensitive skin.

In general, it's worth it! But before the events and travel still recommended for 1 day - two in advance, especially for the first time.

Frequently asked questions about hair removal and answers

And how the anesthesia before the procedure?

Pain reduction is due to:

1. Preparation of the psyche - breathing techniques, removal of body blocks, attention shifts to the bodily sensations to external objects - old and proven. 80% pain invented head. 2. The creation of an atmosphere - aromatherapy, music, meditation, acupressure

3. The individual chosen waxes - bikini is made with a mixture of hot and film granulated wax premium

4.'s Skin funds during the procedure - preparation of the skin before and postdepil care 5. medical drugs - spray and cream.

6. training behavior during bio-epilation - tension of the skin at the time of the procedure

Are there any secret pain management tool?

Medical pain relief is not always necessary, the master is always looking for the skin, in her reaction.

Bikini - EMLA cream (prolokain), can independently purchase it at a pharmacy.

I hope that in this article you will find answers to all your questions, and if not, ask your questions in the comments!