Perfume for men - how to choose the right fragrance

Make a gift to his second half and buy high-quality fragrance is not always easy. Read our article to learn some of the secrets choice of perfume for men.

Each fragrance reflects not only the tastes and preferences, but also the character of the man. If you want to please their half, giving her perfume, read our article. We'll show you what the rules should be based, to find the right fragrance.

There are flavors that are divided into winter and summer, night, day, for holidays, business meetings and so on - the list is endless. When you decide so, what kind of cologne want to purchase, you can continue with the basic criteria of his choice.

It should consider the following details, which will help you find exactly what you need:

  • on the day of purchase of the gift of cologne, do not use their scent. It will interrupt the smell of testers;
  • When you have listened to one of the flavors, and you liked it, do not rush into buying. Not everyone knows, but the smell is revealed for some time and has 3 stages: the first is too concentrated and bright, not always correctly reflect the flavor. The second revealed some time later, when you can feel the basic notes of the perfume, and the third - the most reliable. At this time, you hear the one flavor that is a man all day long;
  • fragrance manifest themselves fully only in the fresh air. In the shop all the smells are mixed with each other, it is difficult to understand the full bouquet of the tester. Therefore we advise you to leave the premises and outside to listen to your chosen cologne. Perfume for men - how to choose the right fragrance

Pay attention to how the man uses perfume. Someone gets only one "puff" - here is perfect for intense and concentrated flavor that accompanies man even in a small quantity. Someone used to apply a few heavy strokes - such men give better lightweight options for flavor, otherwise they run the risk of becoming the subject of public attention - is not in the best sense of the word.

It is of great importance and character, which fully reflects the preferences and perfumes: for the modest and shy suitable light and fresh flavors for brutal and persistent - heavy eastern or sandalwood.

If you're afraid miscalculate with the brand or flavor notes, it is possible to rely on a little selfish, but a practical rule - imagine the smell of your loved one. If you would like the scent of a man, you'll get a real pleasure to say it out loud - your significant other will love it as much.

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