What advantages and features have gel varnishes

It is quite understandable desire of many people to look neat and attractive, so it is not surprising that a lot of girls, trying to take care of every area of ​​your body, pay attention to a large number of hands.

This allows you to feel more confident. At this point, to create the perfect manicure, often used a product like a gel nail. It has many advantages, for which reason the opportunity to purchase a gel-lacquers wholesale interested in at the moment so many people.

Strengths gel varnishes

What advantages and features have gel varnishes

Such factors can be considered as the most important and essential advantages of this product:

  • high resistance;
  • using a special lamp provides an excellent opportunity to reduce the drying time is much varnish or even damage the wet coating;
  • range of shades from TNL Professional firms are incredibly broad and does not differ from a variety of colors conventional means. Gel lacquers also can have different textures. However, all of them are good, whether it be cream golografik or metallic. In this case, the gel varnishes wholesale you can buy on favorable terms;
  • minimum possibility to injure the nail, as during preparation of the gel varnish for the application of gloss removed only part of the nail plate, and ordinary coating means involves the strong grinding of nails;
  • maximally smooth effect with glossy coating, especially when compared with traditional means;
  • very hard nail plate after the nail so as gel lacquer is more durable and reliable product than usual. By the way, if in the case of a classic application of the already two days the nails become more brittle, the gel lacquer acts in such a way only two weeks;
  • the opportunity to be used as a base coat to nails, to which can also be applied to customary and traditional lacquer, which is convenient for women, unwilling to wear the same manicure;
  • the opportunity to polymerize under ultraviolet light makes the gel varnish ideal for different methods of nail design, including volume.

For many people, a manicure is a necessary part of the image. Without it quite difficult to do. On nails each person handles a large amount of attention. Moreover, the hand can be called almost the most important part of the body that can say a lot about the well-groomed and attractive.