Accessories for cosmetics Tiande cosmetic accessories

Cosmetics brand Tiandi is not necessary to represent. It is known for its high quality and natural composition. TianDe translated from Chinese means "heavenly perfection." Products, as close to the ideal quality, created according to ancient recipes of the East and the Altai.

Accessories for cosmetics Tiande cosmetic accessories

Types of products

Products manufactured by the Chinese corporation TianDe amazingly diverse, and include different directions for use:

  • Cosmetics and care facilities face.
  • Cosmetics and care facilities for the body.
  • Caring means hair.
  • Numerous series of make-up cosmetics.
  • Male and female perfume.
  • Special cosmetics and care products for men.
  • Home - hygiene, cleaning, laundry detergents.
  • Products for children.
  • Line Products Wellness: vitamins and minerals, oil and fitogeli, medicinal drinks from herbs, medicinal patches.
  • Hygienic products.
  • Accessories, jewelry, souvenirs.

Buy diversity of TianDe products at affordable prices, with delivery to the address provided on the official website of the company and its dealers in online stores in Russia.

Accessories for cosmetics Tiande

Cosmetic accessories of the same brand as a high quality and variety.

The cosmetic accessories include items for more convenient use of cosmetics and health products for face and body:

  • Sponges for washing.
  • Disc polish remover and makeup.
  • Mezoroller.
  • Sharpener for cosmetic pencils.
  • The cosmetic nail file.
  • Mirrors.
  • Massage roller face.

Let us consider in more detail some of the accessories.

Sharpener for cosmetic pencils of two different diameters - the usual and more.

Nail File Foot, copes with rough skin on the feet. Prevents unpleasant inflammation and cracks on heels skin, polishes the treated skin surface.

Roller Massager for feysbildinga perfectly tightens the skin, tones facial muscles, stimulates blood circulation. Regular use gives excellent results in 3-4 weeks.

Mezoroller TianDe, tools for home spa-treatments.

Using this small priborchik can not go to a beauty salon and do not gel injection.

Mezoroller regenerates at regular circulation, promotes the production of collagen and activates the function of suction of the upper layers of the skin caring cosmetic and therapeutic agents.

Mitten massager body, is used to activate metabolism, eliminates problems with cellulite.

Revitalizing Foot Massager - "tripping". Use can be therapeutic and caring means for the feet.

Konnyaku Sponge, made from plant material intended for regular skin care. Hypoallergenic, suitable for all skin types, even the most sensitive. Sponge for washing, cleans and gently massages the face and neck. With continued use of this accessory is restored blood flow in aged skin, it becomes smooth and tender. When using a sponge for washing there is no need to use scrubs and peelings.

Cosmetic makeup sponge suitable for coating evenly tonal resources, providing them with naturalness. Easily washed and dried after use.

Discs polish remover without acetone, which is very important for the health of nails. Quickly and accurately copes with any surface on the nails.

Nail file allows you to perform quality manicure at home. Carefully handle the nail plate, preventing her bundles and creases. Does not have the granular coating is not afraid of getting wet, it has a long service life.

Make-up brush set of five items:

  • fondant brush.
  • For the shadows.
  • The applicator for the shadows.
  • brush eyelashes and eyebrows.
  • Brush for applying powder.

The soft, cotton bandage for washing with Velcro. The dressing is suitable for all head sizes, as well stretched.

Mirror in a stylish design.