Fur fad

Fur does not go out of fashion in his usual use . Buy a coat of fox, mink, karakulcha never hurts. But sometimes what surprises yesterday, today looks ordinary and vice versa.

Yves Saint - Laurent in the seventies impressed everyone by painting fur. pink model - at the fashion week in Milan was presented clearly. The unexpected combination of brutal form sheepskin and refinement produces oshelomlyayuschiyeffekt petunia.

The furore sparked blue lacquer sheepskin coat with a small poisonous green fur collar and a similar finish. Oversayz, spuschonnye shoulders give the impression mistakenly purchased a large size.

On a totally deep black short nap suddenly bloom embroidered fields of flowers.

In the closet of every woman should hang a little black dress, and if it is sewn entirely of fur? A girl in a dress, maxi on furry straps and tapered the same belt with fur handbag in hand, where the material inside and out?

Fur fad

Fur stripes on the pants look cute awkwardness, but his legs will surely insulated. Cinematic image to smithereens breaks the usual canons.

It would seem that the fur is an absolute favorite of winter clothing. And no. Shoes made of fur or sandals, open-toed sandals with furry trim, summer dress or coat with a sudden warming or fur sleeveless top. Constant cold favorite invaded a warm space. However, this is understandable. Until the sixties of the last century, fur accessories were worn year-round. Boa never spoil an evening dress.

Well wear, but how you nail - art with fur. Wear fur on the nails - this is truly boldly. Fur Headsets- is familiar, but the protection of the eyes from the snowstorms in a fur-rimmed spectacles - news.

Many applications, the one and only fur with confidence reigns on the podium and in the lives of many, many years. Clean, renewable natural way. If beliefs do not allow to wear natural, there are artificial.

Whatever extreme you do not have liked, we must not forget about the practical side. All trendy things must be balanced the rest of the bathroom elements. In addition, for constant wear good traditional coat of sheepskin to buy.

Desire for experimentation must be balanced share of common sense. Therefore it is difficult to do without the usual coats of fox, Chelyabinsk true classics and open to innovation. And the sudden discovery wardrobe transform existence into a creative, festive miracle.