Epimediumnaya paste to improve libido

Readiness - a required element of a physiologically normal course of sexual intercourse in men.

This increase in the main body of the male in size several times and increase its elasticity due to the filling of the cavernous body of the penis, venous blood.

Short sexual intercourse is not honored in any part of the world, in any culture - just like that, neither more nor less. Men, and women have long been interested in ways to prolong intercourse, what are the ways and means to increase potency?

Based on the features of flora and fauna, it has been tried many tools, some of which are used today. Parsley and celery, ginseng and Mexican miracle root "poppy" (not to be confused with poppy seeds), original epimediumnaya paste - each nation has its own recipes.

Epimediumnaya paste to improve libido

Consequently, the content of the main body of the blood of men can occur only with proper and unimpeded blood flow in the pelvic area. Circulatory disorders initially causes some loss of hardness, and subsequently may cause the loss of its general.

The dysfunction occurs by two mechanisms:

• Mechanical violation of blood flow in the pelvic cavity.

• Violation nervnogumoralnogo interactions in the body senses (external receptors) and the reproductive system. The desire at the sight, smell sensations female body type, appearance occurs, but the reproductive system does not receive pulses to resume its direct function. The pulse goes two ways:

1. nervous. By nerves impulse enters the cerebral cortex and is transmitted to the brain region that controls the activity of the reproductive system.

2. humoral. It is testosterone - the hormone of sexual arousal that fall through the blood to the reproductive system and are carried to all its organs, causing its activation.

What can cause for the emergence of such dysfunctions?


  • lesions of the central nervous system;
  • various infections, such as prostatitis, kollikulit, urethritis or other;
  • disorders of the endocrine system, often after hypothermia, overheating or mechanical damage to the testes, pituitary, adrenal glands or testes,
  • senile erectile dysfunction;
  • different kinds of vascular lesions, as the pelvic region, and the whole body;
  • the use of potent drugs for a long time, drug and alcoholic substances.

Do not forget that the man's body contains a large number of nerve endings and their defeat or the formation of any kind (aseptic or septic) inflammation of the field normal sexual intercourse is not possible to complete recovery.

As can be seen from the above, it may be a lot of different reasons for the occurrence of intimate problems. That is why modern man should be particularly attentive to its men's health. a healthy sex life - an inseparable part of healthy family

Mankind lovemaking is long gone beyond procreation and is the most necessary "salt" of life, without which reality would become fresh. The question "how to make this activity more enjoyable," appears in a new light. To partners no longer worth the narrow task of extending the race. If you want to experience the pleasure of both sides, why not afford to stretch the pleasure.

Interestingly, the emphasis has now shifted, and women prefer men who are able to delay sexual intercourse and thus guaranteed to deliver pleasure not only to himself but also his partner. So what can be a means to restore the extinct sex life?

Original epimediumnaya paste

Epimediumnaya paste to improve libido

To date, those who have tried to imagine the original epimediumnuyu paste talk about her healing effects. Enhanced trust and when the consumer becomes aware of her physical composition, which includes: a complex of vegetable herbs, honey, and other means.

But epimediumnaya paste is applied not only in case of problems with potency, its use has a positive effect on people's health, undergoing serious operations, experiencing suffering from muscular dystrophy and immunocompromised.