Elegant women's clothing to work, and not only

Previously, women's trouser suit and classic black coat were elements of a business wardrobe ladies. Today, designers offer a great variety of models for use in everyday life.

When choosing a style Demi-season women's coat, you can opt for the three main types:

  • feminine pritalennye pattern with a length a little above or below the knee;
  • short coat types for the frantic pace or walking down the street;
  • oversayz model to create three-dimensional image suitable for sports-style chic.

Attention to details

Elegant women's clothing to work, and not only

The presence of the hood or the waist - this is an additional note elegance of any shape, not just a great option for cold weather. Collar or ruffles on the sleeves of fur suit romantic nature. The presence of uncomplicated patterns, bright lines or cells allow to stand out from the crowd.

We must not forget that the clothes to pick up the coat in the same tone: elegant skirt with a blouse and jacket or a light dress look beautiful in conjunction with shoes on a low heel. You can, of course, to conduct an experiment - to wear ripped jeans and sneakers, this is a private matter (such was the bold combination of stylish new trend).

One thing remains unchanged rule - to avoid excessive brightness in clothes. If the coat of orange or red color, other clothes and accessories do not have to be flashy colors. For clothing should be selected bright accessories black or gray.

Create your own collection of images of

Women are constantly resorted to an unusual experiment with clothes. To look stylish, not only in the workplace but also in society, trouser suit may look very original:

  • fashionable colors (shades of gray, pastel colors, dark blue and other colors);
  • unusual fabrics (wool, viscose, etc.);
  • distinctive features in sewing, depending on the type of style.
Elegant women's clothing to work, and not only

A well-chosen accessories will make unique in the created image and be able to make a business suit in order to go out. A special combination of trousers and a beautiful T-shirt or jacket over a blouse with a skirt of light will help to create an evening dress for a date, or walking with friends.

Recently it has become popular to shop online shops from a position of even greater choice of things. The cost is lower than in a regular store, so there is no need to rent.

A convenient sites like Style National Club, make it possible to consider a coat and female costumes from different angles, as well as to understand how the thing will look like in reality.