Contact lenses as a replacement for the notorious points

Contact lenses are the best device for the correction and the correction of vision.

They have a number of undeniably obvious advantages over traditional and not always attractive points.


First of all, correctly matched all the parameters of the lens are capable of producing on the retina of your eye better quality and greater in magnitude image, do not restrict the field of vision, and easily restore biokulyarnye ability of the eye.

Quality contact lenses are able to expand your area of ​​interest, give you confidence in yourself and become more open and communicative, removing the limitations of conventional wearing glasses.

Contact lenses as a replacement for the notorious points

Manufacturing techniques

Modern production technologies of the latest contact lenses make them the most inconspicuous, comfortable to wear and completely safe for the health of the eye.

Since lenses are developed each year containing more moisture and provide the best oxygen permeability. Worth noting that only under the mode of wearing and care of contact lenses will be most beneficial for your eyes and meet all the specs.

Contact lenses as a replacement for the notorious points

The diversity and range of

The currently existing variety of contact lenses are not so easy to understand. Contact lens wear period differ in shape, the material from which they are made, to the destination. Now first things first.

term wear contact lenses

Lenses vary in term of operation: there are frequent lens planned replacement (one-day lenses, fortnightly), planned replacement (monthly, quarterly) and traditional (have a long wearing up to a year). Recently, the most popular one-day lenses can be called acuvue oasys 1-day with hydraluxe.

Contact lenses as a replacement for the notorious points

One-day lenses are the easiest to use: every evening you simply throw the used lens and the print out of the new package in the morning.

Thus not need to spend additional containers and solutions. Especially convenient one-day contact lenses for those who travel a lot, because they do not need additional care for the lenses sterility, to take on the road with extra accessories.

Contact lenses as a replacement for the notorious points

Lens Shape

The shape of the lens to the eye can be divided into spherical, toric and bifocal Multi.


Also, the lens can be separated and for other purposes: for vision correction, to protect against radiation and ultrafioletovog decorative colored lenses, which many people use just to change the color of their eyes. Sometimes, lenses combine several functions.