Proper nutrition of the skin problem

Very correct statement is "we are what we eat", because of the good nutrition depends on the skin condition.

Not many people know that you need to eat, and it is desirable to reduce or remove completely from the diet, so that your skin stays healthy.

Pimples occur mainly on the face, neck, décolleté and back. They arise when there is a problem with the output of the sebaceous glands and their secretions. Usually they do not carry any serious threat to human life, but there is uncertainty about when they occur, reduced self-esteem and a certain psychological discomfort.

Dermatologists believe that some foods can prevent or at least reduce the appearance of acne, while others can only exacerbate the problem. Of course, the appearance of acne on the wrong food is approximately 25%, but the remaining 75% - it's hormones, stress and environmental conditions.

Excellent support for skin beauty will be a diet that is rich in vegetables, herbs and fruits. One should not think that diet implies a tasteless and simple food. Even the dietary food can be tasty if prepared correctly.

Proper nutrition of the skin problem

To our skin has been provided with all the most necessary for her substance, it is important to eat foods rich in vitamins.

Vitamin A

We need to regulate the processes of skin metabolism and its regeneration. It is found in foods such as carrots, salmon, spinach.

Vitamins C and E

Useful and essential vitamins for skin beauty - C and E contained in lemons, tomatoes, olive oil and potato seeds. Beneficial effect on problem skin have these vitamins.


Prevent acne - zinc contained in almonds, sprouted grains wheat, meat turkey. Be sure to drink plenty of clean water in sufficient quantities. Water is vital for regeneration and good metabolism of your skin.

It is worth noting that the food effect on the skin is very individual. You just need to make sure that, after use, which products appear on the skin pimples.