Caring for clarification of hair

Blonde hair has always been the standard of beauty, and today many women lighten their hair, tending to the ideal, but it takes a special care of the clarified hair.

However, discoloration - a rather painful hair treatment since suffering not only a pigment, but also the structure of the hair.

Treatment and care of the clarified hair should be performed regularly, and then the hair will resemble the gold of the sun, not the straw.

Mask for heavily damaged hair can be and should be done by natural products - they are much more effective than the finished cosmetic products.

bleached hair treatment

Caring for clarification of hair

bleached hair treatment begins with the proper selection of products for hair care. Shampoos, conditioners, and rinses should be used for damaged or bleached hair, so read the label carefully.

Funds for oily hair better to avoid - your hair is already seared enough. Mask for heavily damaged hair should be composed of oils, vitamins and herbal extracts.

In addition, it is better not to save time and choose those masks, which can be kept on the hair for at least 20 minutes - this ensures that the mask is not aggressive.

Masks for bleached hair

Caring for clarification of hair

Usual care for bleached hair with shampoo and balsam not help - need to restore the mask for the bleached hair. They help restore the hair structure and nourishes the skin with vitamins and amino acids.

The mask for damaged hair should include no harsh ingredients such as salt or pepper. Maximum it can be present lemon juice - it contains a lot of vitamins and helps to keep your hair blond.

To make restoring mask for the bleached hair, it is better to use honey, egg yolk, cream, butter and decoctions of medicinal plants. Yogurt contains a lot of lactic acid, so it is not recommended for bleached hair.


Caring for clarification of hair

Hair masks have many variations, you can experiment with the above ingredients.

We present two options: simple and delicious.

The simplest mask for bleached hair - is oil. Any natural unrefined oil contains a lot of vitamins, amino acids and minerals, making it ideal for parched hair lightening. You can mix several types of oil, add a drop of essential, not forgetting about vitamins A and E - are selling their oil extracts in the pharmacy. Oil should be applied in very small amounts, so it is difficult to wash off.

Keep it on the hair can be very long, in fact, it will be useful to rub oil into the scalp at night. In addition, the oil save the main problems bleached hair - dry hard tip. The oil can be rubbed them even before going out.

Mask for damaged hair

Caring for clarification of hair

Tasty mask for damaged hair is made from banana. Banana kneaded in a slurry and mixed with the egg yolk and a tablespoon of honey.

This mass is applied to the scalp, and is distributed through the hair. Next, cover with foil and wrap up head with a towel - in the warmth of the skin pores will unfold, and better apprehend the nutrients. This mask must hold on the hair for about 40 minutes.