Trendy clothes for fitness

In today's article we will tell and show you how to look fashionable clothes for fitness, what it should be and how to choose the right.

Fitness - the perfect way to not only lose weight but also improve your health. It is always a great opportunity to maintain your body in good shape and do not run figure.

In order to exercise have become for you as comfortable as possible, it is important to choose clothes for sports and fitness, as well as shoes for training. site will tell you how to choose the right sports clothing to look dazzling at the fitness classes at the gym!

Trendy clothes for fitness


For sportswear it is especially important that it be right on the figure. After all, too much things will crawl, and too tight products can burst at the seams during training.


sports and fitness clothing is natural or synthetic. Both types have their pros and cons.

Trendy clothes for fitness

Natural clothing for sports and fitness are usually made of cotton. These products well fitting to the body, allow it to "breathe". Disadvantages: cotton clothes quickly wiped, fades, loses its shape for a long time to dry after washing.

For hardening cotton added synthetic fibers (rayon, Lycra, etc.). Products with the addition of non-natural components are more durable, well retain their color, dry faster.

Trendy clothes for fitness

A synthetic sportswear made of lycra, sapleksa, polyester, rayon and other materials. Such products are worn for a long time, do not fade after repeated washing, durable, flexible, good "sit" in the figure. Sportswear must ensure the access of oxygen to the body. At the same time, there are special synthetic suits, not breathable.

When you exercise in such clothes to create a "sauna effect" that allows you to lose weight more actively. But using this method to be very careful, because the danger of depriving your body the possibility to "breathe" for a long time.

Trendy clothes for fitness

Type of clothing depending on the type of sport:

- types of aerobics, in the classroom that will need a lot of jump: suitable relatively tight clothing, good breasts fixation;

- classical or step aerobics, regular training in the gym: long sports pants, top or T-shirt;

- Pilates, Yoga: the top or T-shirt, elastic shorts.

Trendy clothes for fitness

What else to look for when choosing fitness wear sports

1. On the seams. They must be well stitched, preferably double stitching. Otherwise, the product quickly disperse at the seams during training.

2. On the aesthetic appearance. First of all, clothing for sports and fitnesaprednaznachena for training. But the real woman always wants to look beautiful. Especially that the fitness club is visited by men, so it is possible to have a pleasant acquaintance

Footwear for training

Trendy clothes for fitness

For special requirements of sport shoes, because usually the biggest burden is on his feet, and incorrectly matched shoes can cause pain, the appearance of corns, discomfort during exercise.

High-quality sports shoes allows the foot to "breathe", resistant to heavy loads. World leaders in the production of goods, such as of adidas, nikei other produce various kinds of shoes, designed for a particular type of sports load.

Trendy clothes for fitness

There are the following types:

1. "Air" - shoes for fitness. Flexible rubber sole is perfect for all the characteristic movements made during a busy day. Aerobics and shaping models are available, with great height - it reduces the risk of injury.

2. Cross-trainers - Universal shoes, fit for conventional physical culture and sports.

Trendy clothes for fitness

3. Running - This type of running shoes designed for running. Plastic soles well softens bumps against a hard surface. Another feature: running shoes have a very low weight.

The ideal sports shoes has a solid sole with good cushioning, mesh inserts to provide ventilation and lacing that secures the foot.

Trendy clothes for fitness

Famous brands such as Nike, for better amortization create midsole. Depending on the sport, you need to select the model of sneakers with reinforced toe cap or backdrop.

Quality athletic shoes are made from leather and other natural materials, which allows it to operate for a long time.

Beautiful and high-quality training you!