Trendy knitted sweater 2019

Today we will discuss the fancy knitted sweater 2019, as well as talk about the current styles, colors, and consider what to wear this jersey wonder girls of different sizes.

Let's be honest, because each of us is always in the closet lay some old (and sometimes strange) sweater, knitted mother or grandmother in the days of our youth.

It's time to get this beauty from the bins of clothes and please their relatives, have made great efforts, each lovingly vyvyazyvaya petelechku. In the coming autumn and winter knitted sweaters all the rage.

What should be a sweater?

Trendy knitted sweater 2019

What will it be - to choose only you. Designers offer us a wide range of products.

Classics of the genre: a light sweater with lurex without a collar, sleeve of three quarters. With pants and shoes, he will look very elegant. But put on a pullover with "torn" leggings and massive boots - you're already going to look like a real rocker, a tomboy.

Another win-win situation: a simple one-color knit cardigan itself. Here the main thing - to find a color that suits you just perfectly.

Trendy knitted sweater 2019

He wear a suit with the usual blue or blue jeans and boots on the type of Timberland - massive, red boots like Canadian climbers. Or my jeans on a mini-skirt and tight tights. Add points to the massive bezel, and you're very feminine, fragility and vulnerability.

Sweater for New Year

On the eve of New Year holidays, do not forget about the traditional winter decorations: snowflakes, stars, deer, bears, Christmas trees, snowmen - whatever your heart desires. The main thing that was sincerely, warm and cozy.

In America and England have a wonderful tradition to give a sweater with funny designs on the theme of the holiday and winter. Why not learn this year? By the way the idea for the Christmas holidays: arrange a celebration in sweaters.

Trendy knitted sweater 2019 Trendy knitted sweater 2019 Trendy knitted sweater 2019

Give each other funny sweaters by their own hands and they also mark the New Year holidays, say, somewhere in the countryside, in nature.

From what to wear knitted things?

Trendy knitted sweater 2019 Trendy knitted sweater 2019 Trendy knitted sweater 2019

As much as I did not reject women's jeans (this is my subjective point of view - I am a principled opponent of jeans on girls), will have to admit that this winter they are in trends, of course, in combination with a fashionable sweater.

A girl with a good figure and pumped her ass can afford to wear sweaters with dzhegginsy (leggings imitating jeans) or knitted panties with bold patterns. Long cardigan and go with a simple black-tights as a dress.

From what to wear knitted items to the office?

Trendy knitted sweater 2019

You work in an office? So it's great! Put on a cozy sweater with narrowed trousers and shoes at a decent heel. That did not otherwise! Wearing a fluffy knit cardigan with classic trousers, you risk to be like Aunt office, and we need a stylish and confident lady. And yet, you can wear a sweater dress. Yeah, that's right. For example, with a knitted dress and thick tights. Cardigan worn over dresses. On top put on a pretty thin belt to accentuate the waistline.

And do not forget about the skirt! You're an excellent student life and done? Then you need a white blouse and a straight wool miniskirt. Lovers of hipster style flared skirt can be advised. We combine it with a big sweater with elongated sleeves and massive boots.

What sweater will suit you?

Trendy knitted sweater 2019 Trendy knitted sweater 2019

What could be warmer and more comfortable woolen sweater? I like impossibly natural wool that even a tiny "leaky" sweater will warm thermal underwear is not worse.

The only contraindication: check, does not cause if you had an allergic reaction wool. Many went to a similar illness, when the skin begins to itch, redden and there are those horrible pimples, we are fighting day and night. If the allergy - your case, then choose viscose.

Fashion color sweaters

Trendy knitted sweater 2019

If you can not decide on the color, then take something classic: coffee, dark green, dark blue, burgundy, beige, white. These tones are always relevant and universal.

Styles knitted sweaters

Pro style. The young ladies, very critical of myself now vote! If you do not have a swan neck and a rather large top, forget the jumper with a massive neck. This applies not only to the so-called "collars", but also ordinary high dense necks such as turtlenecks.

Trendy knitted sweater 2019

And in general, neck - it's such a sexually innocent part of the body, which is better to open. How else flirtatious conduct a finger on his neck, sending vibes liked the young man?

Choose a fashionable knitted sweater 2019 like "classic cardigan" - Pullover with a round shallow cut, without fasteners.

Hudyshki can afford a maximum volume.

How do I choose a sweater girl with magnificent forms?

Girls with appetizing forms! In no case do not take short sweater. Your length - up to mid-thigh. And in general, it is not necessary to bare stomach, especially in the winter. It is better to open the wrist - it's much more subtle and sexy. Sleeve "three-quarters" to help you.

Buying currently fashionable knitted sweater 2019 and do not forget about the young man. It will look great sweater that you chose.