Fabulous manicure for Christmas and New Year

We fell in love with these colors! manicure trends for the winter? Saturated colors and lots of glitter!

Outside the windows already being played out winter, and that means one thing: Christmas is approaching with great strides, and then comes the New Year's Eve and the holidays.

In shopping centers the Christmas holidays continue for several weeks, and Christmas decorations bring us a festive mood. It's time to think about gifts for the Christmas tree, as well as the perfect manicure for Christmas Eve and New Year!

We already know what trends will prevail in the winter, when it comes to styling nails. During this period, the most popular deep, rich colors beautifully presented shiny brocade.

Fabulous manicure for Christmas and New Year

This manicure will add glamor to every creature the New Year! On the eve of Christmas and New Year, a new collection of nail varnishes hybrid was created. It as much as 24 (!) Colors that are perfectly combined with each other, even in different variations. This capsule collection was created in collaboration with the NA-KD, the Swedish brand that loves influential people in the world. Palette begins NA-KD fusion with quiet beige shades. Then we move on to a different stylish options of this year, that is green with a characteristic deep shade in the bottle schemes. For this collection is characterized by a grenade, roses, and finally absolute madness brocade with red, gold and silver in the foreground.

Fabulous manicure for Christmas and New Year

In our opinion, a brilliant varnish can be a real hit, which changes the hue of the particles as a function of incident light!

Which varnishes from the new collection you like the most? We already have our favorites, and we can not wait to make Christmas and New Year's manicure!