Classification Classification of sewing machines sewing machines, from the "Welles-Shop"

Sewing machines - a versatile technique with which made sewing and garment processing, interior parts, packages and others.

Depending on the application, there are two main directions of the sewing devices - domestic and industrial use.

Depending on the specialization, the mechanisms are divided into categories grind and special works. Special purpose devices produce overcast, countersunk seam stitch zippers, buttons, and so sutured. d.

There are two subgroups on the type of weave of threads in a stitch: the hook and chain stitch.

Manufacturers produce universal machines for sewing, which are in their arsenal have a long list of programs to perform different types of stitches and rows. This kind of technology most in demand today and is used both in the home and in small productions or studios.

Universal sewing machines, regardless of manufacturer, have a similar structure. For example, single needle lockstitch skive device consists of several main parts:

  • body and the wheels;
  • of the main shaft;
  • attractor strands;
  • the hook;
  • rack.

Household sewing machines are characterized by different management views. They may be mechanical, electromechanical, and computerized.

Mechanical models of the most outdated. They needle and the conveyor is driven by a crank and flywheel foot drive. All activities require continuous human intervention. Today, these devices are not as frequent, including in the sale. One of the most popular models are electromechanical machines. They are inexpensive, have simple controls and are used mainly for domestic use. This unit has electric drive, which is driven by a pedal.

Mechanisms of management based on microprocessor greatly facilitate the work process, as the movement of the tissue, the needles takes place under the control of the minicomputer board. The number of programs determined by the presence in their memory. Characterized by high speed and quality of work, do not require constant monitoring of the process.

Embroidery machines (see the catalog of the models) - a popular type of mechanisms. With their help it is possible to carry out various kinds of decorative embroidery. It is always a computer device, which are loaded embroidery designs and the machine performs its tasks.

Classification Classification of sewing machines sewing machines, from the

Sewing and embroidery machines - Their work is based on a microprocessor-based control. The embroidery unit may be connected and disconnected. In its absence, the machine used as normal sewing.

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