Fashion trends in haircuts and hair coloring

Spring nature updated. Why do not you upgrade? For example, do not make a new haircut or change hair color? We explore the most interesting trends in trendy haircuts and coloring.

What is offered to the designers in the spring-summer season? As shorn of their models? Let's see what hairstyle is now in vogue and take a mental note, going to the salon.

Hairstyles: short and unusually

Let's start with the haircut. Fashion trends in hairstyles this season are increasingly refer us to a short form - relevant haircut "square", "bean", "page". Their models with hairstyles of this type brought to the catwalks of fashion designers brands like Marc Jacobs and Undercover.

They all have a lot of variation, so they can go to almost any appearance, to any type of person. However, talk to your hairdresser, if you really make up your mind on a short cut, on what kind of variation you to stop.

But if you - the owner of the long and beautiful hair, and not in what you do not wish to part with them, we have in store for you an interesting application. For beautiful and most importantly, well-groomed long hair in the coming season are relevant body "torn" hairstyle, jagged edges, creating the effect of deliberate negligence and ease. "Cascade" is also highly relevant haircut.

Fashion trends in haircuts and hair coloring

It is possible to make adjustments and customary fringe. Fashion trends provide room for creativity. Relevant well thinned bangs, and do not lose their relevance and thick and long.

Experiment, me and catches the eye!

Men's Fashion

Men did not lag behind the beautiful half of humanity in his efforts to look stylish and fresh. That is why men's fashion trends in hairstyles change too often, as in women.

Spring summer delight men attractive hairstyles with shaven temples and rather long strands on top of "a la" Yegor Creed. You can also shaved at the temples of some beautiful pattern.

Fashion trends in haircuts and hair coloring

Beard, beautifully decorated especially goes out of fashion is no longer a single season in a row. And to your beard looked perfect, try

combs his beard.

Coloring: custom colors

You do not want to get a haircut - it is possible to simply freshen up the color. Or even radically change it! In the season of spring-summer 2018 fashion trends in painting, as well as haircuts, gravitate to the unusual and bright.

Fashion trends in haircuts and hair coloring

For example, bright colors are no longer perceived today as teenage rebellion, they are very fashionable and look advantageously and effectively.

In addition, the current is highlighting, as well as burnt hair effect. With regard to natural colors, the most urgent are all brown. If for any reason you do not like the shades of chestnut or dark tones, in principle, you can pay attention to the shades of brown. Although they are not megaaktualny, but still remain in the trend.

But know how to have not changed the trend, always stay yourself, be in harmony with their inner world. So if fashion trends this season, you do not fit, do not worry, mean in your own, unique zest.

Successful transformations.