8 season makeup trends spring 2019

In today's article we will discuss the hottest trends in makeup 8 Spring 2019, as well as the photo examples to choose for himself.

In the spring of 2019 bright eye shadow and eyeliner will hit. If you are wondering what has appeared in the latest trends in makeup, take a look at our post!

After the most important trends in hair and nails done, it's time to make a fashionable makeover. Look, what will make the most fashionable in the season of spring 2019. The color will dominate in the coming months. No matter how it is intense and energetic.

1. Metal lids

8 season makeup trends spring 2019

Silver - You are the fashion trends, and on the eyelids metallic luster occurs almost every make-up artist. In the coming season brocade and shine are from morning till night.

If you prefer a gentle make-up during the day, you can put a shimmering shadow or eyeliner to her makeup, and just before you go to a party to put their eyelids. Because of this, you replace the classic make the most fashionable trend of the coming season. This will help you reticulation of lorac pro palettes.

2. Multi-colored eyeshadow

8 season makeup trends spring 2019

This season, we abandon the classical bronze and replace it by an intense purple, green, pink, red and yellow. No matter what color you choose. It should be intense and energetic!

3. The colored lines

8 season makeup trends spring 2019

If you are not sure of colorful eye shadow, it is possible that they will convince you in a fine line made crayon or eyeliner. Rainbow line refreshing appearance and emphasizes the natural color of the iris.

Blue eyes will look beautiful with blue, pink, purple and orange lines. Green, purple and light blue colors correspond with green eyes and brown the best look with purple, dark green and pink lines.

4. The line on the lower eyelid

8 season makeup trends spring 2019

This offer is for all women who love a simple, but effective makeup. The line on the lower eyelid may be slightly stressed or is the dominant element of the whole makeup. Remember, too, that he must comply with the general concept of minimalism and emphasize the natural beauty.

5. Makeup without makeup

8 season makeup trends spring 2019

This trend will appeal to minimalists. Make-up, which is almost not visible, is designed to hide flaws and enhance the natural beauty. This season, makeup artists even abandoned the carcass.

6. peach blush on the cheeks

8 season makeup trends spring 2019

Spring forget contouring and highlighting, we turn it into a delicate and feminine pink color with a juicy peach. As a result, the skin will look fresh, rested and radiant.

Apply blush high on the cheekbones and temples - areas, often reaching to the eyebrows.

7. Red lips

8 season makeup trends spring 2019

This is the only correct color for Spring 2019. On the podium you could see her lips, red as a tomato and poppy seeds, strawberries, purple, raspberry, beet and Bordeaux. In short, each of you will find a shade that matches your type of beauty and individuality.

8. Black eyeliner

8 season makeup trends spring 2019

A black eyeliner and cat line returning to fashion! This season, make-up artists have paid much attention to them. Above are fine lines, whose task is only the optical density of the upper eyelashes and exaggerated in size smears XXL - not regret their length and volume.