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Modern representatives of the stronger sex often have a non-standard shape. And if the extra inches around the waist does not prevent them to feel in harmony, then the selection and purchase of appropriate clothing is a significant problem.

Although with the right approach and it can be avoided. The possibilities are endless fashion industry today and choice of clothing from the category "plus size" is expanding rapidly.

But how to choose clothes for overweight men to every article of clothing looked stylish, and not only highlights the shortcomings of the figure, but also hide them?

What to consider when choosing clothes?

In addition to the basic parameters that must be considered when choosing any clothing (. Quality of the material and seams, cost, etc.), the purchase of large orders it is necessary:

  • Choose clothes in size clearly, avoiding baggy outfits that are so like fat people. Larger clothes make the person looks sloppy and careless, and tight-fitting outfits once again isolated figure flaws.
  • Favor monochromatic clothes saturated colors. It is also an excellent choice would dress with a pattern in the form of a vertical narrow strips. It is not recommended to choose apparel catchy colors with lots of pictures and applications.
  • Buy clothes made of light and soft materials. Heavy fabrics, such as tweed, velvet or velor, make the contours of the body more voluminous.
  • Carefully select accessories, avoiding eye-catching colors and an abundance of decorative elements.
  • When buying a classic shoe, try to choose shoes and boots with a slight heel - it helps to visually lengthen legs.
  • When selecting outerwear coat to favor strictly cut or thin sheepskin abandoning down jackets and jackets with synthetic padding and holofayberom.

If you like to wear jeans, better to buy a model of classic style with a slightly low waist. Each complete man would be nice to have in her wardrobe a few vests, pullovers and sweaters with V-neck. We recommend paying attention to the clothes TM Galion.

Menswear TM Galion larger

What is the style of dress to choose?

Most modern men living in the city, choose clothing business style. Basically their wardrobe full of shirts, jackets and trousers. In everyday life, you can wear blazers, sweaters and jeans.

As a home clothes, you can use a comfortable tracksuits and soft bathrobes. To feel comfortable in the gym, on vacation or with friends, you can choose the clothes of sports style. This T-shirts, sports trousers free cut, sweatshirts and sports jackets.

What kind of clothes you would not have chosen, you must pay special attention to the quality of its materials and tailoring. It is best to rely on the proven manufacturers who have a lot of feedback and a wide range of products.