How to avoid caries? 5 Simple Tips

Caries - a social disease in our country. According to statistics, almost every adult - to a greater or lesser extent - is suffering from the disease.

In the meantime, just follow a few simple rules to significantly reduce the risk of its occurrence. Here are 5 tips on how to avoid tooth decay.

Regular brushing of the teeth is the cornerstone of prevention of dental caries. The teeth should be cleaned after each meal for 2-3 minutes and at least 2 times a day using toothpaste that prevents caries with fluoride.

You can also select the paste with other properties, for example, bleaching, for sensitive teeth to periodontal disease, smokers and so on. D. It is equally important to choose a toothbrush with the correct shape and soft bristles that are suitable for our teeth.

2. Use floss and rinse liquid

If someone believes that one tooth brushing is enough to keep your teeth healthy, it is a blunder. To minimize the risk of tooth decay, you should regularly use dental floss and mouthwash. And if it turned out that you have started the problem, you will help the artistic restoration of teeth. The first care of the interdental spaces, which are difficult to clean using conventional brush and the second has antibacterial, refreshing and reducing deposits of tartar properties.

3. How to avoid caries? Take care of proper diet ...

In the considerations on how to avoid tooth decay, there can be no hint of the right diet. Products that protect teeth from this disease include milk and dairy products, fresh fruits and vegetables, eggs, whole wheat bread and green tea.

Milk and green tea contain calcium and fluoride, which increase the pH of the mouth, are bactericidally and reduce the risk of gingivitis, and fruits and vegetables - necessary for the health of the mouth vitamins A, C and D.

4 Correct eating habits

To maintain the health of teeth is not enough, not only a wise choice of products, but also nutrition. It is best to eat 5 small meals a day and brush your teeth after each of them, and if this is impossible - to chew gum without sugar for 20 minutes.

Unhealthy snacks between meals, such as chips, sweets or fast food clog the teeth and cause proliferation of harmful bacteria. Drinking sugary drinks before going to sleep is also harmful - usually forget about cleaning your teeth, we go to bed, and the sugar contained in the drink, harm your teeth.

5. Do not avoid the dentist!

Most of us turn to the dentist only when tooth pain interferes with normal life. Meanwhile, the test should be conducted at least twice a year - then the dentist may respond to dental problems that occur periodically.

The dentist can also help in choosing the right toothbrush and toothpaste, the study of methods of cleaning teeth and performing basic aesthetic treatments. It is also worth remembering that the more often you visit the dentist for preventive purposes, the greater the likelihood that these visits will be painless.

A white spot on the tooth looks harmless, but it is, unfortunately, the first stage in the formation of dental caries. It can only get worse if we ignore its appearance.