Korean cosmetics - you need to know and how to choose?

Korean cosmetics are storming customers from Europe and USA. It is not surprising - if you like news and focused on efficiency, enclosed in a beautiful form, then there is nothing better than creams and masks "made in Korea".

That is why more stores around the world include them in its range, and the shelves in the pharmacies are filled with Asian products.

If you also paid attention to the eastern trend in the beauty industry, but do not know where to start, we'll show you what to look for, select the specific products offered on the market offers.

Korean cosmetics in a nutshell

While in Moscow to promote a product for makeup such as mascara and eye shadow, in the tops of the Koreans dominated by oil, creams, gels and foams that have only one goal: to take care of the skin. Care - the absolute foundation of their beauty secrets, so cosmetics in the Far East, nourishes and cleanses.

The ideal of beauty in Korea - this correctly hydrated and well-groomed skin. This effect is called "chok-chok", and each in Korea fighting for it.

Therefore, local care products are much lower than those ground dull skin. Healthy and natural shine is much more desirable, meaning perfectly moisturized face.

That is why when choosing a Korean cosmetics should also follow the rule: first the skin, and then make up. Korean cosmetics buy that today can be virtually any salon or pharmacy is responsible for the beauty and health of the skin.

Korean cosmetics - you need to know and how to choose?

First of all: concern - what to choose?

If your make-up removal consists of a facial wash milk or soap and water, Korean ritual may initially be difficult for you. It does not end with the use of one or two products, but requires several purification steps carried out in the correct order.

Thus obtained Koreans confidence that they wash away residues after every makeup and removed contamination arising from exposure to external factors such as smog, dust and the like. D.

Korean cosmetics - you need to know and how to choose?

Although it may seem that such a complex care takes a lot of time, in fact it only takes a few minutes, and as a result we get a beautiful complexion, which make up much better looks and goes. Moreover, bad cleaning can promote skin defects, and also accelerates the aging process.

Therefore Koreans basically selected such cosmetics that will clean and care for the skin. So, let's look at the diversity and action, because among them can find real treasures - Korean cosmetics include oils, essential oils for the face and even foams and mousses.

Most Korean brands have several series of cosmetics designed for different skin types. Each of them consists of several different products, so you can equip them with the necessary features for you.