Fashion swimwear summer season 2019

Swimsuit - women's clothing is designed for sunbathing and swimming, as well as water sports such as swimming, diving or surfing.

Swimsuits are also worn during beauty pageants and photo sessions to demonstrate the shape model. There are many different types of swimwear, which are significantly different from each other in the first place the number of parts that make up the whole outfit, and cut.

Two basic models - is solid and separate swimsuit, commonly called a bikini. They usually are made of quick-drying materials such as Lycra or Spandex to ensure the comfort of spending time on the beach or in the pool.

Swimsuit is one of the few items of clothing that have undergone such a big transformation in the last century. Although it is hard to imagine at the beginning of the XX century woman during the swimming competitions wore a black wool suit, consisting of long pants and shirts with sleeves.

Only after the First World War, they began to reveal their arms and thighs, and appeared on the catwalks of the first models of suits with patterns. 40s and 50s - this time bold suits consisting of two parts, and a method to emphasize the strengths of women - raised breast, strongly pronounced waist and bare buttocks were less and less shocking. In South America and Asia were looking for inspiration to finally create a bold Brazilian bikini.

Fashion swimwear season summer 2019

While it may seem that now we have to choose mainly traditional one- and two-suits, the choice is much more. There were models such as the tankini, monokini or mikrokini. All of these models, you can choose for themselves the online store swimwear.

Fashion swimwear summer season 2019

They all vary considerably, not all look good on excessively slim or plump figure, so it is worth to know the offer and choose the suit that best suits your figure. So that all the advantages have been disclosed, and any defects effectively hidden.

Even if we do not have a perfect model of the body, we can feel and look great during the holidays. The one-piece outfit with ruffles is suitable for people who wear large sizes - it will close the fold on the belly, will highlight and reduce the waist.

We can also put on a suit of two pieces, but note that shorts are not too cut off and reach the navel. If we are the happy owners of a slim figure, but complain of too small breasts, be sure to choose a fashionable bikini with decorations on the chest, such as ruffles, appliques or bright beads.

bikini in retro style

Fashion swimwear summer season 2019

Retro swimsuits were in vogue since last season, so if you do not have a vintage bikini, it is worth investing in it. He is not only fashionable, but also very elegant fit. High panties will hide the unwanted creases. Select vertical stripes, polka dots or an interesting texture.

Yellow Pastel swimsuit

Yellow is definitely the color of spring and summer of 2019. The pastel colors it looks great in combination with a beach tan. Suitable brunettes, blondes and brown-haired, regardless of their age.

Leopard trend bikini 2019

Fashion swimwear summer season 2019


Animalic prints, as well as a retro style, accompany us for several seasons - and we guarantee that they will come back like a boomerang, in our closets. These swimsuits worn by Brigitte Bardot on the beaches of Saint-Tropez, and designers are promoting them on the podium.

Depending on your fashion courage - you can try a one-piece suit with a pattern resembling a leopard skin, or a separate element bikini, for example, set with a black top and panties with predatory print. You certainly will be interesting at the beach.

Costumes with fashionable bow in 2019

Luke retro and very fashionable item of clothing bow. Bikini with a bow, optically enhance the bust, and a bow at the bottom to add centimeters in hip (a proposal for girls who have a figure Twiggy).

Fashion swimwear summer season 2019

Deep neckline

Fashion swimwear summer season 2019

Suit with a plunging neckline looks good on virtually any silhouette. Extend the legs, emphasizing the waist, and if we are dealing with shorts with a high waist and a strong cut - we will kill two birds with one stone - hide tummy outstanding and optically improve hip.