How to dress for age and tasteful?

The farther we are from his twentieth birthday, the more we appropriate statement of Coco Chanel "Fashion passes, style remains".

Outfit - is an easy way to rejuvenate, to emphasize what is to our advantage that we enjoy in itself, and hide flaws.

Unfortunately, it's also the easiest way to overdo it - stick to baggy, shapeless clothes, poorly suited to our silhouette, style and character, we can at the poor choice of look unattractive and not very young.

How to dress for age and tasteful?

The most important rule: we are not slaves to fashion, she serves us, and we choose what suits us from the current trends. Trends from the catwalks should be only inspiration. Style - our choices among the many options offered by fashion and designers.

Stylists are advised: "Stay faithful to one style, then you will know that you have it." Attire should correspond to our nature, beauty type, style. What is the success of the style icons? The skillful combination of classic elements with fashion, seasonal trends.

What you should have in her wardrobe

To look fashionable and stylish, we do not need to our wardrobe to go to pieces. There is a fee, which is determined stylists absolute necessity.

They can serve as a basis for changes in many styles depending on add-ons. And to ensure a perfect fit every thing in your wardrobe or tailoring to your requests help ENEA studio.

How to dress for age and tasteful?

Little Black - created by Coco Chanel dress, in which every woman looks beautiful, simple and suitable for any occasion. And most importantly, that it can be adapted to individual needs. This inconspicuous dress has become a symbol of femininity at all times. Jeans - in a simple style, combined with heels and a white shirt - today it is a classic and elegant, if we add the appropriate accessories.

How to dress for age and tasteful?

Fashion or tube jeans boyfriends in combination with a classic white shirt - a good alternative. They will be useful for the official meetings in the classic version or a bicycle tour of the city on the fashionable Dutch bicycle in combination with a T-shirt and sneakers.

White shirt - we can wear it with a pencil skirt and jacket, jeans, and shorts or a long skirt in Boho style. With pearls, men's watch or earrings with colored feathers.

Jacket black - it is connected with the office dress code, thanks to the addition and combination with other styling details, we can change its classical character. Nothing creates a figure as good jacket.

A timeless classic

How to dress for age and tasteful?

White blouse, trousers, a pencil skirt, black shoes with a heel, cloak - they never go out of fashion. The simplicity and versatility of minimalism in choosing colors and accessories. Noble color and cut. But classics should not be boring.

Contrary to appearances, the classic combination of not age. Fashion Accessories break the "official" style and give the image of a modern look. To break the elegance of classic kits, you can combine them with everyday things such as:

  • t-shirt
  • jeans and
  • fashion handbags.

From my grandmother's wardrobe

Trendy vintage style adds charm and is proof that a woman in such clothes can play with fashion. Return to the last fashionable things is best combined with modernity. Unfortunately, vintage items will add years of mature women, is fun for young people.

As a college

How to dress for age and tasteful?

Neat things related to how students dress in American schools, look great - polo shirts, vests, sweaters with v-neck and buttons, tennis skirts, trousers chinos, muted colors. It is a combination of classic and modern convenience.

Similar to the characteristics of a good girl? Even at forty, we can look like college students.

The charm of glamor

How to dress for age and tasteful?

For several seasons glamor came to the fore in vogue. The colors black, white, red, powdery pink, gold and silver, combined with good quality fabrics make us look like a Hollywood star, retro diva or a celebrity. Depending on the case. This is the style for twenty years, and for mature women.

Neon colors

How to dress for age and tasteful?

Trendy neon colors, tight trousers, platform shoes and sports shoes, combined with pencil skirt at the height of fashion. Unfortunately, for all of us. Mature woman in neon t-shirt with Mickey Mouse does not look young and trendy.

Bright colors mercilessly reveal wrinkles or discolors the skin, combined with a strong tan, even for a Woman 20 years old makes older. Let's look at the fashion podiums and current trends, but let's just choose what suits us and is decorated, not what everyone is wearing, because it haypovo.