What do men think?

How do you want to know the answer to the tantalizing question of the fair half of mankind - what men think?

Well, that one wonders what one may think, playing precisely this setting is exactly the opposite? Rare, argue a strong half of humanity! Oh, guys, does not - such a situation arises with enviable regularity!

Men may argue that, say, the installation must be given in an accessible form, without being distracted by the home affairs, children screaming, begging cats food, chirping parrots and similar rubbish.

Allow me to disagree with you, our dear men, we say clearly, develop the necessary to communicate with you commanding voice, and sometimes, by the way, even write the task on paper.

What do men think?

But you, you always manage to make their completely unnecessary adjustments and all because you think while talking with his wife about everything (about football, friends, the new secretary boss about where the last time pushed stash and t. d.). Why on earth at the time of philosophical reflection to listen to tweets wife?

Well, think of it instead of beets for borscht bought a soccer ball for his son, the shape of the one, well, content, think about some trifle. One more time, when so want to just get into your brain and make cranial trepanation - what men think, spending the last money at the moment knows what?

What do men think?

Well, here on earth, as one might think, getting an expensive ticket for his wife in the gym, and at the worst possible moment, in financial terms? And it is fine for himself, not sparkling relief forms!

A woman, from morning to night, running for children of the same cat, parrot, husband and performs in the course of all the household chores that she was doing there - to lie down on the nearest treadmill and go to sleep? Men again raise the cry, they say, it's a direct concern for you, beloved!

Oh, no, you're probably thinking about Claudia Schiffer or other fabulously beautiful model, which would be worth like your spouse. And in fact in front of friends uncomfortable!

Their wives out what prominent, although, to tell the truth, when you come to take a closer look ... Yeah, we do not mind men understand, though, however, and they have too! This is how we live with each other, not understanding, but love!