It might look like a marriage in the XXI century?

With the passage of time gradually, a new field of science - futurology, which is tasked with forecasting and modeling and analysis of possible future trends.

I have no need for this knowledge, so here I will try to discuss only one, in my opinion, an important point.

It seems that the fate of the family in the XXI century will strongly depend on exactly how humanity will resolve and overcome the state of crisis in which it now is.

I want to say that if mankind continue to allow improvement of senseless weapons of mass destruction and incitement programmed into human character atavistic instincts bubbling under a thin layer of humanity and culture, in the XXI century will be no place for a family or a marriage, or to humanity in general.

In this sense, humanity now has come to an extremely responsible milestone development, the likes of which it has not yet met its history. Sometimes it all seems incredible, and sometimes I would like to think that the danger lies in wait for us is only an illusion, or at least an exaggeration. Unfortunately, it is not.

It might look like a marriage in the XXI century?

But what will be in this case, with love, marriage, family, children? The fact is that in an environment where there is potential for the destruction of entire peoples, parts of the world or even the entire planet, creating a happy life of mankind can become a reality only if there is a change in the sphere of moral and ethical principles. For many years, we are talking and writing about the scientific and technological revolution, its rapid progress. Yes, thanks to her we have now the artificial fibers, plastics, synthetic detergents, transistor radios and many other amenities; but because of it as there is now on our planet as atomic and hydrogen bombs, guided missiles with multiple warheads, nuclear submarines and chemical weapons fantastic toxicity and many others of the same kind.

Now mankind needs a moral and ethical revolution in a decisive rejection of the instincts based on the style of thinking and behavior. Mankind may be the future only if their moral and ethical concepts and standards, it will build on a scientific basis, if the relationship between people (and, of course, also international relations) will be based on mutual respect, honesty and trust.

These qualities can bring to humanity the key that will open the door to him in the next century. And if so, the main condition for the survival of humanity has now become a moral and ethical factors, it is possible to assume in advance that in the XXI century and the moral and ethical family foundation must change: it must become much more altruistic, honest, tolerant - in short, a lot better.