The basic principles of healthy eating

How to eat delicious food and enjoy life. staying slim? The rate on high-grade products, appropriate cooking methods and regular meals.

Remember that a healthy diet does not mean weight loss at any cost. It is not based on the application of a strict diet, exclusion of delicious foods and accurate calorie count. So, what it means to eat properly?

"I'll eat right" - we hear from our lips often. Sometimes, after a New Year's feast, sometimes after viewing the photos, various metamorphoses, and at other times with the arrival of spring and the desire to change.

Often we start a healthy diet, then to throw it. What are we doing wrong? we want too fast to make big changes! The key to success is a small but solid steps that will integrate that's great, that's delicious. Healthy eating - this simple rule - stick to them and do not give up too soon! Give yourself time.

Rules 1. How to eat? Replace what is bad - healthy, but also delicious!

If you are too fast make radical changes to their existing way of eating, you quickly give up and discard the new diet. Select those products that have a nutritional value, but are also at the same time very tasty.

Cook for a couple! This form allows you to save as much nutrients in the products as possible. The usual porridge can vary a piece of dark chocolate, so it will become sweeter taste, toast and white bread can be replaced by whole wheat bread.

You love french fries? Instead of fry it in oil, chop the carrots, parsley and sweet potato slices, place on a baking sheet, drip a little olive oil, season with herbs and place in oven. Look for healthy substitutes for less healthy foods!

RULE 2. What to eat to make it useful? Seasonal products

The basic principles of healthy eating The basis of the correctness of the diet should be fresh vegetables and seasonal products. The greatest importance will be vegetables and fruits, which are just coming season. Spring eat asparagus, dishes with spinach, zucchini. In winter, eat almost year-round vegetables-carrots, potatoes, onions, cauliflower. Use the summer season for strawberries, cherries and other fruits.

Principle 3. The rules of healthy eating: fruits and vegetables - is the basis of the

A large number of vegetables and fruits - is a necessary condition for a healthy diet. It should be as often as possible to use them in their raw form and not processed. As such, they retain most of their values.

With vegetable sharpeners make light salads, which will be a great addition to the dinner, but also a great snack at work. Take them with you to always have at hand something healthy. Instead of salad you can simply peel them, cut vegetable slicers -ochischennaya carrots, pepper and radish slices are perfect for snacking. Rule 4: Healthy eating - breakfast should be wholesome!

A healthy diet is not the limitation of food to a minimum. On the contrary - you need to eat! But choose high-grade products, take care of regular and appropriate food portions. Even healthy food can not be eaten without memory. How to start a healthy diet every day? With breakfast!

The basic principles of healthy eating

The first breakfast eat at home, and the second take with you to work in a lunchbox.

No wonder they say that breakfast is the most important meal for the day. It gives us energy for the rest of the morning and lets you take effort, mental and physical labor.

Also do not forget about lunch at work or school, which will protect you from starvation - take them with you in a practical lunch box.

Principle 5. The rules of a healthy lifestyle: Drink water!

Remember to drink enough water throughout the day. Sodas and sweetened juices are absolutely not taken into account and should be excluded from a healthy diet.

The water stimulates the kidneys and thus helps to remove toxins from our body. Always take it with you.

In autumn and winter drink herbal teas. Do not drink coffee, which in excessive amounts leaches valuable minerals from your body. But you do not have to completely abandon it, because coffee also has its advantages. You can afford a cup of coffee, but without the addition of sugar and fat milk. Principle 6. Healthy eating habits: Home-made meals, instead of "fast food"

To comply with the rules of a balanced diet, avoid eating fast food. Prepare your home for yourself, it is not so difficult.

From time to time you can eat on the job - with friends, on a date or when you simply do not have time, but select the bar serving healthy food. But the ideal ready-feeding program for home delivery from

Principle 7: Healthy Eating. That is, instead of sweets and salty snacks?

Chocolate bars, salty sticks and chips you must replace with healthy snacks. Eat nuts and almonds, dried apricots, prunes, figs, cranberries and bananas. As well as fresh vegetables - carrots, peppers, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, celery.

Candy replace seasonal fruits - watermelon, bananas, apples, strawberries and others. Take them with you to work and to school in a practical container for fruits and vegetables, so they are always at hand when you crave a little snack.