Renovated apartment by European standards

One of the most striking indicators of the state, as well as a place of comfort and warmth of concentration is our apartment with you.

Probably most would like to have the house, in which not only a pleasure to come back to, but here and invite your friends and relatives.

Today we have the opportunity to decide themselves should look like our house, our apartment.

Not everyone is ready to entrust the repair of the apartment salaried workers. Quite a few are willing to spend their own renovation, on their own.

Change the volume inside to fit your desires and tastes, to make your old flat newer and cozier.

Renovated apartment by European standards

The term "apartment renovation" came into use in our country in the late 20th century. The old standard, the Soviet version of the apartments does not leave room for any interior planning, create a unique design and even more so other applications of flat area. Everything went under several "factory" of options: single, double, three-room apartments plus communal and Khrushchev.

But time passes, and the wave of technological innovations came up to us. Those materials, the existence of which we are not even aware - now commonplace used in almost all cases of repair.

The concept eurorepair apartment also appeared recently. Renovated apartment - is the creation and improvement of the comfort of their homes using modern materials and technologies. If what is meant is not only material, but also psychological comfort.

Here are all individually: determination of volume and area, color and light compositions, furniture and accessories, as well as many others, which ultimately creates the best conditions in terms of residents. Apply technology to eurorepair first started in Europe. Over time it became available in our country, due to the pricing policy, the elegance and simplicity of execution.

Renovated apartment by European standards

The time when our house was just a roof over their heads and are more or less safe place has long passed. Monotony is now moving to the comfort needs of the people. The fact that the environment influences our subconscious and psychological state - known to all. Get used to the ragged walls, creaking windows and doors and other imperfections of course you can, but that over time, will only get worse.

Creation of a modern evrokvartira - an important task, but not the principal. Apartment after repair should be beautiful and aesthetically pleasing look, look unique. Your tastes, creative talents and a great desire to create excellence - the main key to success.

Everything that surrounds us in the apartment has a rather strong influence on our health. When repairing the majority of people have a very valid question: how to invest a minimum and achieve the maximum? More precisely, the question is how at minimal cost to extract maximum comfort, beauty and comfort.

Renovated apartment by European standards

The question of European-quality repair is to bring warmth and comfort to a family life and not to get lost in the choice of building materials from the widest range of in today's markets the industry.

Suspended ceiling, floor heating, liquid or cork wallpaper, unique floor coverings, parquet - all this tradition of modernity. Technology, mainly used previously only on the TV screen, have now become part of our apartments with you. A renovation has made a huge upheaval in the creation of comfort and quality of housing, and in the minds of our people. Pretty cool stuff is a modern plastic. He largely exceeds even glass: both in quality and in its strength. This became apparent when replacing standard windows for high-quality and modern plastic which create excellent sound insulation, do not let the cold in the room.

Renovated apartment by European standards

The equipment and furniture - it is something without which no cost, no one apartment. Furniture options today so much that sometimes it is difficult to make a choice. Her styling extends from the past centuries and beyond the present, and the equipment is suffering the most severe selection rules - friendliness, ergonomics, compactness, capacity.

Renovation. If you no longer wish to live in the old, standard apartment, and have the means and the ability to upgrade their home, creating material and moral comfort and convenience, so it's time to make a coup - evroperevorot.

Renovated apartment by European standards

There is not need special knowledge of architecture and construction. Good results can be achieved thanks to modern, high-tech materials, convenience and ease of use. This will help you create a beautiful, comfortable, and most importantly - a modern housing.

The main aspect of the creation of euro-repair his apartment is the ultimate sophistication with maximum simplicity. Everything must be done for the comfort and the environment must be very familiar as a child, but at the same time, it can present something exotic, forcing all the time to admire your work done.