Correction and coloring eyebrows

In our time of facials are becoming increasingly popular. One of them is the correction of eyebrows.

After the procedure, eyebrows look neater, even facial expression may become more friendly. Session lasts 15 to 60 minutes.

What are the ways?

  1. Plucking tweezers. One of the classic ways that are very popular to spend at home. This process takes the girls for about 15 minutes. But aside from the pros and cons lie here. Hair removal by this method is painful and unpleasant. To procedure is less traumatic, apply a warm compress for 7-8 minutes before take tweezers in hand.
  2. waxing. The heated wax solution gently and uniformly smeared under the eyebrows and covered with a small piece of tissue. After the wax solidifies completely, the web is removed. After such a session, the effect will last a couple of months, although the procedure is quite painful and may cause irritation to the delicate skin.
  3. Triding - eyebrow correction thread. Despite the trendy name, the procedure is popular not only in Moscow, and in the more distant cities such as Krasnodar and Syktyvkar. To perform only need cotton thread and certain skills for the acquisition of which the master even finish the special courses, so that repeat at home, most likely, will not work.
Correction and coloring eyebrows

Add a few strokes

Infrequently girl stop only at the correction is usually the next step is coloring eyebrows. This is what in the salons are usually called modeling. Many salons client recognized that feel in this case a more complete image.

Torque figures stands the color in which the representative of the fairer sex wants to dye your eyebrows. He must have a difference in two-tone color of hair on his head.

Allocate both short- and long-term coloration. The first group includes the following methods:

  1. Pencil. With it is possible to correct any shape eyebrows. Its color is selected so that it was as much as possible like a home and not very distinguished. Paint a small pencil strokes.
  2. Shadow eyebrows. they look naturally and effectively with a uniform application. But in order to achieve a good result, you need to practice.

By the same lengthy methods include:

  1. Tattoo. The form is stored for several months. It should carefully approach the selection of the master, as his work will remain on your face for a long time.
  2. Dye for eyebrows or henna. In both cases, the result will last up to a month, with the only difference being that the henna will be able to further strengthen and improve hair bulbs eyebrows. To the choice of coloring solution in any case it is very close.

The difference between the simulation correction

Unlike the correction modeling eyebrows implies a certain work, ie. K. A master brovist may play not only the color but also the length and thickness of the eyebrows. Most often changes resorted to when a natural brow line is hard to see or have fuzzy boundaries.

In the salon or at home?

Price Eyebrow relatively low, this is unlikely to be more expensive than a cup of coffee and cake at your favorite cafe. Many stops that moment that most of the procedures you can do yourself at home, without breaking the rhythm of life and not vykraivaya time on the trip to the salon.

This is true, but experienced masters recommend at least the first time to see a specialist, and later to maintain the image of improvised methods. Barely one-time savings worth then look in the mirror and felt sorry for the next month.