New Rock who is the official representative in Russia?

At this point in the Internet there are several online stores that sell shoes New Rock, consider the greatest of them: - Latvian is a site that offers goods with delivery from abroad. There must separately pay for the shipping amount in addition to an indication of the site. There is a risk of running into a customs clearance mk goods mostly sent to you is not this store directly and Spanish producer. - Russian site with a shop in Moscow and large stocks. Pay extra for delivery from abroad is not necessary. Also, prior to delivery, you can come to the store and find out your exact size of the brand.

Nowadays people want to combine in his way is not only fashionable, but also convenience. But at the same time they want to stand out from the crowd. It would seem, how is it possible? But it is very easy. Enough to buy a pair of New Rock, which can be worn all year round.

They look stylish, suitable for virtually any image and well sit on the leg. Wear these shoes and everyone can. Initially, the fashion for them went from punk and ready. Now wear such shoes can each. New types Rokoff so much that everyone can find for themselves something suitable. At first glance it seems that they are very heavy and massive, ugly will look for the girl, but it is not. The severity is not felt, but in the winter they are very warm, thanks to a thick sole and a high rise. In autumn and spring, you can safely walk through the mud and puddles. And in the summer should not be afraid that in the foot gets a thorn or a splinter from a broken bottle.

New Rock who is the official representative in Russia?

Advantages of New rock

This shoe is very stable. At first glance it may seem that goes in it will be very difficult because of the high-rise, but it is not. In addition, the manufacturer has taken into account all the human foot anatomical factors and make the shoes more flexible. At the same time it perfectly retains its shape.

All parts of the New Rokoff combine single circumferential seam. This explains the high product quality and long service life of the consumer. The material from which are made the New Rocky, water repellent. They can safely walk in the rain, in the mud and dirt. Also, they are not afraid of substances such as gasoline, engine oil, and even acid.

Insoles are an important part of any shoe. In New rock they are well pass the air and take the shape of the foot. they are also anti-bacterial. Steel toe protects your toes from damage upon impact. The manufacturer produces different models of New fatal. This may be the boots, shoes, shoes, shoes, boots and sandals. The color scheme is also quite diverse. You can select the classic black and white as well as yellow, red, blue. The buyer can choose the design to your taste, a more conservative or original and daring.

These shoes suitable for those who are not afraid of other people's opinions, wants to stand out from the crowd and wear high-quality, original things. In our shop Gothic Style everyone can to buy the New Rocky to your taste. We have reasonable prices and a great choice of design and palette.

To be original, simply to buy a new rock