5 misconceptions about clothing made of natural fur

The material from which manufactured garments, our ancestors gradually fades into the background. The use of real fur in recent massively refuse reputable fashion houses. The windows of the buyer less frequently may find coats and coats.

What is the cause of dislike to products made of natural furs? In a society increasingly began to think about the humane attitude to our younger brothers. We offer you a list of the main myths that make us still buy fur products. It is possible that after reading this review, you will change your outlook on Pestsovoye fur coats and mink boa.

1. Fur coat - it is the ideal clothing for the harsh winter

5 misconceptions about clothing made of natural fur

You are convinced that only fur can save from the cold? Perhaps, many centuries ago, it was, but in our time of high technology was invented quite a few alternatives that give warmth, comfort and comfort even in cold sorokogradusnuyu. It is about Thinsulate. He is 1, 5 times warmer than natural down and is widely used for the manufacture of artificial fur.

2. Stylish and fashionable

5 misconceptions about clothing made of natural fur

You may have noticed that the fur gradually disappears from the fashion show Haute couture and prêt-à-porter. And this is no accident! More and more designers refuse to use violent material in their collections. Among the brands that support the movement against fur, it was seen giants of the fashion industry, as the Armani Group, Calvin Klein, Gucci, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Michael Kors, Stella McCartney and Ralph Lauren.

3. Animals that "sacrifice" their skins for fur, killed humanely

5 misconceptions about clothing made of natural fur

Fashion Fans fur mistakenly assume that the failure of one person from buying and wearing such clothes, does not affect the position of the animal. It is not true! Referring to the uncompromising statistics. She argues that in order to fur, from which sew a coat protein necessary to kill 400 or 200 chinchillas, or 60 marten, mink or 50. You just think about those numbers! That so many lives can save your personal failure to a brand new coat.

There is another misconception associated with the conditions of detention and killing of animals, giving our fur for the status of new things. Fans fur sure a sable, chinchilla and nutria kept on comfortable farms, and of life, they go quickly and without pain, almost of their own accord ...

In fact, everything is absolutely not true. Conditions of fur animals can hardly be called comfortable, much of their death, and can not speak. To fur was not injured, used gas chambers, in the crotch shock or lethal injection. The animal feels everything and dies of a heart attack while fully conscious.

4. Being a natural material, fur does not harm the environment

5 misconceptions about clothing made of natural fur

That's right, the fur really natural material. As it is subject to any organic decomposition. To stop this process, using all sorts of chemicals: paint, formaldehyde, varnishes, resins, cyanide and formaldehyde. Not only do all of this, "the periodic table" you wear on your own, so more and damage to the environment, as the furrier companies throw waste products into the environment.

5. The fur clothes - a marker of high social status

5 misconceptions about clothing made of natural fur

We live in the XXI century! Perhaps a couple of centuries ago, fur clothing, and could be an indicator of status. In our days, when issues of humanity, ecology and non-violence reached a new level of perception of society, it usually sounds like a real anachronism.