"Paper" fantasy, or mother and daughter create the dress of her dreams

Fashion industry is plunged so deeply into everyday life, it's hard to imagine a world without regular news about famous persons. Every day, millions of fans around the world watching the stars of different sizes, with special attention to the appearance of their pets.

All around, here and there, scurrying headlines about funny and fantastic images of actors and singers who instantly lend themselves to criticism, or praise. Although it is safe to say that the majority of fans would like to try the Hollywood image of a red carpet. And imagine that your dreams come true. Just enough to be smart and ingenuity, as did professional photographer Annie with her 4-year-old daughter.

Yielding creative impulses, they came up with an exciting experience, won millions of Internet users. Using stationery, for months they create stunning outfits paper, exactly copying the images of celebrities. It is noteworthy that half of the work makes the daughter Angie, who preferred the game to the store - the creation of a super creative outfits. The process is so carried away either, that soon from the children's fun daughter, entertainment turned into the universal web domain, displaying boundless imagination and talent of a little girl. According to the most Angie, interest in sewing she had never been, and in fact she could not stitch a straight line without the help of outsiders. But such an entertaining hobby helps mum to admire the achievements of her daughter every day. And suddenly, inside a small baby hidden potential of the designer, who will change the fashion trends in the future !?

1. Is a variant of the baby gives stunning dress Jennifer Lawrence at the presentation of the "Golden Globe" award?

2. A new look at a brilliant outfit scenic image Kimberly Perry performing on stage during the music awards of the Association of country music.

3. The famous designer Ralph Lauren would have envied the miraculous transformation of his dresses.

4. Everyone remembers the unsuccessful attempt to get yourself a wonderful Cinderella dress for a ball !? In this case you need to take an example from Snow White, which has long stepped forward and was able to make a lot of options of dresses in store.

5. A striking example of the magnificent dress Katy Perry on the red carpet, thoroughly suffused with musical details.

6. Wonderful dress Taylor Swift in a new interpretation of a little restless inventor.

7. A look at the image of Princess Anne from the cartoon "The Cold Heart".

8. A magical transformation of Elsa, which instantly melt any heart.

9. conquer peaks sea ready.

10. Smile, you remove hidden camera!

11. Venelopa background cupcake cartoon "Ralph" own person.

12. Recharge in "The Incredibles" - girl handyman.

13. Podium show bridal collection in 2017 in the same room.

14. It is difficult to determine what looks best: original or parody !?

15. The first steps in the vast world of fashion and beauty.

16. The knowledge and experience comes only during creation.

17. Mini Mouse in his youth.

18. Time has no power over what goes inside, allowing the show itself!