How to choose the clothes on a figure

How to choose the clothes on a figure

How to choose the right clothes. Absolutely all women of different complexion and forms are united by one desire, all women want to look beautiful and slim. With a properly sized wardrobe, you can emphasize their dignity, and a little effort, and to choose the right clothes with ease, you can hide all the flaws figures.

Create a unique image can be yourself, and we will reveal to you the secrets of stylists and designers. And so, let's start with the clothes cut. This is a very important factor, the thing smaller than can even spoil the perfect figure, a figure larger than give a few extra kilos.

Particular attention should be focused when choosing colors, plain colors can visually make the figure above a couple of centimeters, dark tones give clothes slim figure, the same effect can be achieved and the choice of vertical strips. But cell and horizontal bar will cause the opposite effect, giving a figure of completeness. Catchy and bright ornament pattern help hide the lack of waist and imperfect posture, but this version of the clothes will not help hide completeness. The ideal embodiment will fabric on which the drawing and background of one tone. But if you still focus on the choice of colorful pattern, such a thing is to have a strict veil.

When selecting outerwear, you should know that the high and slender women more suitable clothes long style of, as visually enhances the figure. Women full better to opt for a shortened version of sheepskin coats, jackets and coats. Consider jackets, sweaters, blouses, etc.. Visually help to increase breast combination of shirt and top wearing a vest, or a shorter, fitted jacket. Blouses with voluminous collars, fabrics, different clothes peg, folds also help to achieve the same result. Suit and blouse with high waist tops and strapless. Rather large breast size can visually hide using ryushey and finishing in the form of shuttles, which are arranged vertically and visually lengthen the silhouette. V- neck and deep neckline, shirt simple cut from flowing material also can visually reduce the breast size.

Hand completeness can be hidden by means of hose 3/4 long, flared towards the bottom, but the loose-fitting sleeve or vice-versa emphasize fullness. The fullness of the shoulders can be hidden by means of the scarf. Notable tummy can hide a long blouse. In this case, the ideal option would be shirts and blouses stitched on a style men's shirts, jackets to 15cm below the waist, as well as free, gently fitting cardigans and blazers. Hide hips completeness help a sweater, blouse or shirt, having a length to mid-thigh, wearing trousers.

The principle of choice of dress is basically the same as when choosing skirts and blouses. Dress shirt and dress-Case is perfect for almost any figure. Hide full legs, you can use a close fitting, flared downward and long dresses to the calves. Cut on the skirt will help a little to distract from the problem areas. Dress stretch curvy shape - are contraindicated. On any figure look good the skirt to the knee, just above the knee, ankle, and extended downward. Cut (year), with vertical and diagonal waves help hide the fullness of the hips. Make thin thighs splendor help Skirt - Pleated. With narrow skirts can give legs lean and hide the absence waist adding matte pantyhose dark shades in combination with shoes having a low heel. When choosing shoes should be remembered that the strap at the ankle to visually shorten the leg. Thin and bandy legs perfectly hide long - "midi", but it should be remembered that deaf skirt - "midi" visually reduce the height. Ideal model to cut.

Pants - "bottoms" on almost any figure look good. Just classic trousers and men's style is well suited. Overestimated waist pants accentuate slender figure and visually make the legs longer. Pants - cigarettes in the presence of high heels will increase shapely legs and make them slimmer. For skinny models are more suitable pants - "breeches", model Arrow visually enhance growth with slim figure. Straight jeans slightly boxy increase harmony with full buttocks, and wide hips. Extended downwardly decorated back pockets jeans hide leanness or irregular thighs. It should be remembered about sculpting and modeling underwear, it can be used to achieve amazing effects.

Properly chosen clothes works wonders, the main thing to know: how to choose clothes for the figure