How to make beautiful legs with the help of clothes

How to make beautiful legs with the help of clothes

Happy Feet beautiful! Probably, it is impossible to meet a woman who would have remained satisfied with their feet. Some women find that their feet do not look slender, others have hidden legs under long clothes that absolutely does not fit today's fashion. This is absolutely not true! Clothing can easily make your legs beautiful and attractive.

One of the main points is the ability to properly present her figure, because the clothes and accessories to make adjustment helps some shortcomings so that your legs will look awesome! This is where the hidden ability to dress properly. Look, for example, in the well-known stars. After all, they do not all have the perfect figure. However, when you look at them, you can not take your eyes off. Their figure looks simply stunning. Of course, they are quite a lot of time paying their appearance, and they almost always come to the aid stylists. But in fact, the ability to dress beautiful and elegant, not very difficult and you can wave to comprehend this science. First of all, you need to have a taste, you have to feel some of the trendy things right for you. Secondly, one must know their weaknesses and stay the way you are. So, your main task is to find clothes that will turn you into a beauty and irresistible princess, and in which you will look fashionable and stylish. Our task is to help you with that!

If the legs are short

You have a beautiful and proportional figure, but your feet "is not from the ears," you need not be afraid to wear short shorts and skirts. For this purpose, any suitable model. The most important thing here is the shoes with heels. In order not to stress your feet too short, it is not necessary to use skirts, midi-length shorts and shoes without heels. If you still have to wear such clothes, it is necessary to complement the whole ensemble shoes wedges or platform. For short legs do not fit loose pants that cover the heel, do not use tight pants with a high waistline. Clothing of this type, visually shorten the leg.

If longish legs

Long legs can also deliver a lot of trouble, when they look out of proportion in relation to the figure. For such cases, great shorts and skirts, stitched in sporty style, with a length up to the knees. According to stylists, girls with long legs, it's the only one who can wear capri pants. When choosing shoes, you can stay on the shoes without a heel, you can choose and on the platform, in any case, your long legs will look great! However, we must not forget that long thin legs do not need to hide under the lush skirts. All long-legged girls may be advisable to wear pants and jeans with a low waist, they will give the opportunity will make a proportional figure.

If the legs are plump

To keep your legs look more slender, you need to know some secrets. The main thing is to be able to maintain proportions. Feel free to wear trousers with a straight cut, not very tight, but not tight-fitting, wear straight silhouette dresses knee-length. Excellent choice would be a dress-box or slightly flared dresses with colorful prints. What is interesting: a girl with full legs can wear skirts, which create a feeling that their legs become thinner. The main secret of how to hide the full legs, is considered to be wearing shoes with high heels. Beautifully will look on you free boots, sewn in cowboy style or braided sandals with high tops. This shoe will turn your feet into a more graceful. It is necessary to avoid wearing shoes with bulky platform, because they will be even more to emphasize the fullness of your feet. If you have a very wide hips, you need to focus their attention on the waist. The best solution would wear high-waisted, for example, tulip skirts.

If the legs are very thin

When you have a fairly thin legs, no need to dress badly fitting clothes. free cut clothes, skirts or dresses, flared towards the bottom, that is exactly what you need. A good solution for a skinny legs girls is an option with white or bright pants. Remember that thin ankles always look very elegant, so whenever possible, wear a skirt midi length or cropped pants. Never use shoes with high thin heels shoes is not for you! Wear sandals or ballet flats on a solid sole, and you will look irresistible!

If crooked legs

Girls with crooked legs below the knee, it may be advisable to hide this defect by a maxi skirt, which is considered one of the main trends. Of course, you can wear shorter skirts, but it is important that they hid the place where there is a telltale defect. Bad decision will be put on a skirt, flared, it will only accentuate the legs and bending curvature. The best option is the direct or availability pattern. Your wardrobe can have all models of trousers, not too tight, and bell-bottomed trousers in the style of the 70s. The final touch of your personal image is shoes small heels or platform. Superbly will look your feet shod in boots with high and rather narrow leg.

All the girls who have X-shaped legs, should do all the opposite. Let us listen to another stylist's advice, you can wear flared skirts, but on the flared trousers have to forget. The best length is the length just below the knee. It is not necessary to reject the shoes with heels! it is a good heel hides this defect. You can not be afraid to wear shoes oxfords and a free leg. When the curvature of the legs is not enough expressed, it is possible to wear skirts above the knee, but, necessarily, combined with shoes with heels. Another good option is the free models of trousers, flared from the hip in men's style, as well as a popular trend this season - culottes.

If other deficiencies at your feet

Legs are a number of other drawbacks, such as full lap full of eggs, and so on. Stylists are advised to complete his lap to hide, using a shoe or clothing that covers them. Girl with full of calves can advise skirts trapeze skirts that are visually make the legs more slender legs. When you are very overweight or ugly ankle, it is not necessary to dwell on it. Put on short dresses and skirts, they will hide the completeness and it will not be noticeable. When buying shoes, pay attention to the elegant shoes with heels that will emphasize the slender legs and ankles at the bottom. For girls fashion designers this season have developed not only a beautiful, stylish shoes, but also a variety of accessories to improve the figure. For example, the most famous trend must have - flesh-colored shoes. These shoes have the ability to visually make endless legs and slim. On top of that, they are very practical.

Having managed to create outfit with accessories, they can be worn with a bright clothing of any style. The same dignity and may have other shoe, if it is chosen in accordance with the intricacies of your figure. Never forget the golden rule when choosing shoes: for larger women is not necessary on a massive platform shoes and thick heel, otherwise they will be even more degrade your image. Buy shoes made in the neat wedge heels or low heels. Fashion shoes only for slender girls fit on the platform. Unfortunately, only they are given to wear absolutely any shoes. We very much hope that our article will allow you to learn how to consider proposals fashion designers, using their personal tastes and preferences, and then your legs will always look attractive!