How to choose the right clothes for your growth?

How to choose the right clothes for your growth?

How to choose clothes for growth?

Miniature women and women with high growth are equally sensitive about the choice of clothes that she would optimally matched growth and for some it becomes a significant problem. To cope with this problem, it is required only to follow a few simple rules. Then, the selected outfit you will allocate the positive features and to smooth out the shortcomings of your figure.

Guidelines for selecting clothes petite girls

It is believed that the growth of low women is 160 cm and less. So the girls when choosing a dress that would create a harmonious and complete image, and that would give the appearance of a figure of proportionality, it is necessary to observe some simple conditions. In order to smooth his short stature, you need to visually lengthen the figure due to wear. In this case it is possible to emphasize the vertical lines use the elongated vertical seams and finish perform neckline of the letter V, use long zipper, and the like.

Also, try to choose a dress with long and slim silhouette or pick them up A-frame, simple and straight silhouettes. You should use small parts of clothes finishing - collars, pockets, ruffles, buttons, narrow belt. Remember, variety of colors of clothing, creates a lot of visual horizontal divisions of the body, and having a low growth, it is better to avoid it. In this, you should not give preference too "colorful" outfit. Among the many models of clothes to choose for yourself, trousers without cuffs - with their help, your legs will look beautiful; vests with the edges to pull down; voluminous petticoats.

Guidelines for the selection of clothing young women with small growth and lean physique

Girls with small growth and lean physique suit skirt wide cut, bolero jackets and other clothes and hewed a large number of small parts. If you possess small growth-bodied, then choose elongated and tight dresses, strict dress with elongated bodice and straight jackets fit. Still it is possible to choose outfits with a thin belt or without it. It is desirable to completely eliminate from your wardrobe flared skirts and short jackets (boleros).

Buying clothes with a picture is worth considering the following recommendations. Girls with a slight increase, it is desirable to stop the choice solely on patterns restrained small to medium size (bandwidth, cell or homogeneous pattern). Strongly recommended to pick up his outfit with a contrasting or too large patterns. Just do not gather in one set combination from multiple colors and textures of fabrics.

Guidelines for the selection of clothing young women with high growth

Women Height 172 cm and above are traditionally considered to be high. Achieving harmony in its appearance, the tall girl to choose a clothing model to best meet the structure of their bodies. There are a number of nuances that allow the girls with high growth look more attractive. The taller girl, the more desirable to use in her attire large patterns and horizontal lines that visually divide the figure and hide "excess" growth.

If your growth "above average" pick them up along with the finish of the following parts: puffs, horizontal assembly, frill, flounce; horizontal trim, stitching and edges; double-breasted closure; collars, pockets, etc. - large sizes. You can use a combination of different fabrics, colors and patterns. To the body structure look more proportional: pick them up dress with a soft bodice and full skirt, use a little overestimated waist and bodice with a deep V-neckline, fit and wear with a deep round and trapezoidal neckline. You can opt for a free poluobligayuschem dress. All high girls and women is optimally suited A-type, as well as classic straight silhouette. The tall woman is preferable to choose for themselves the following fashions: direct or loose dresses, wide trousers with pleats, voluminous skirts, loose blouses, double-breasted coats and jackets, trousers and skirts with a little low waist. It must be remembered that with the elongated styles of clothing, vertical joints are not cut off at the waist line dresses, can make the figure even higher visual. So it is not necessary to narrow the shoulders due to short sleeves or sleeves - Raglan. tall girls in dresses with large patterns, such as peas, broad band, and a small average cell or decorative look flawless.

In conclusion, I would like to point out that a properly selected outfit will help to make your way as much as possible thoughtful, feminine and unique.