How to choose clothes by color. The combination of clothes fashionable colors.

How to choose clothing color? Every person at least once faced with the choice of clothing color. Some women believe that the color of clothing is not important, the main thing to choose the right model, while others do not know what they are colored, and what - no.

How to choose clothes by color. The combination of clothes fashionable colors.

Stylists say that, in fact, well chosen colors make a stunning image, regardless of fashion trends. Do not buy at discount, buy the first, came to hand, and should be given maximum attention to colors of his wardrobe. So how do you choose the clothes in color? If you want to show others your good taste, your image should look harmonious. Besides the fact that the color of clothing must fit the tsvetotipu your appearance, it is important to remember that using different shades you can achieve the ideal image.

Win-Win is the white color of the clothes, which will always be in fashion. Regardless of the model, shirt or blouse in the white version looks impressive and elegant. Noble pure white color just fine combined with any colors. To look neat and expensive, you need good quality stuff. And if you wear cotton clothes, remember it well otutyuzhivat. In order to give the image of bright notes of, cost to use accessories in white and gray. Gray, better than anyone else, is able to make any shade quieter and softer. If to be a formal event or business meeting, where you need to be on top, better option than white, is not found. And if you want to stand out from the crowd and feel the glances of passers-by, should refer to the stylists and designers to get the original advice.

How to choose clothes by color. The combination of clothes fashionable colors.

The new season of fashion in 2012 allows the combination to suit multiple bright colors. But the main rule will be the advice to walk on "the beaten track". It is necessary that the surrounding did not look with regret and envy. Stylists are advised to use a combination of green and red, purple or blue and yellow, blue and orange. You can be 100% confident in this dress.

Another important advice is a recommendation to use accessories or wear tops and rich colors shirts to add bright notes. But bright skirts, shorts or trousers is quite capricious, not an easy task to create a stylish ensemble based on them, so it is better not to experiment, if not confident in their abilities. Do not get hung up on any one favorite color! If it's great to face, it is necessary to play with its hues, brightness, saturation. This is the best way to attract attention and look good. Stylists often use the safe reception.

By the way, the favorite of the new season 2012 - blue color of the clothes. Try using a combination of achromatic color. Base, most often, is a white, gray and black, because the classic look is always advantageous. In order not to become a hostage to the image of the "gray mouse", it is necessary to add a few accessories as bright accents. It can be bright beads, handbag or shoes and so on. D. Color variations of bright colors can be combined in such a way as not to create the impression flashy type, only need to use quieter versions of these colors. So the image will be harmonious and quite spectacular. But it must be understood that one color has many shades and it can play a cruel joke. It is necessary to compare the color saturation. If you select a bright yellow color, better to stop at the same bright green, rather than the dim and faded. The same goes for pastel shades. Selecting a heavenly shade, pay attention to deep pink color rather than pale red. Stylists are advised to create a harmonious way, do not use more than three colors in a set of clothes. Otherwise, there is the risk of looking like a parrot. You can tell a lot about the character at the preference of a particular color. This way you can show your inner world, or, conversely, to conceal their shortcomings, for example, depression, depression and so on. D. Prefer white clothes are longing and emptiness in my soul. Combining white with a bright and contrasting colors, will help tune your along with new colors. Black is for those who do not like to stand out and be noticed. This color can bring the negative and bad mood, but often people in these clothes feel protected.

Lovers of red just like to stand out, to be in the limelight, and yet it is a sign of confidence and openness. This color should be chosen if you want to be remembered by anyone or enhance the mood themselves and others. Clothing Green will tune in the desired fashion, will add to the life of harmony and optimism. Things blue will help to become more relaxed and sociable, will also help to be liberated and to find new friends. Choose clothes brown shades, you can feel a sense of comfort and coziness. Even brown color will help to get rid of internal anxiety and poor mood.

The main thing, before you decide, what kind of clothes you should choose, mentally "try on" it to ourselves. If it seems that this is a good option, you can boldly go try it has really.