Veil for the wedding - the best choice. Veils for the bride

Veil for the wedding - the best choice. Veils for the bride

Wedding Veils. Currently being modernized even weddings. It would seem, not so long ago, the veil was selected very carefully for the holiday of the day, but now it is not so necessary. Not that she did not need, simply Now it can easily be replaced with flowers woven into her hair, wreaths, hat or likeness crown. However, the veil can be seen still many girls. After all, it anciently transmits pure, modest and chaste way of the future wife and her dependence on future spouse.

Long ago, the veil was bound to be down to the floor, as it symbolized the absolute dependence on men. In addition, not all countries wore a white veil. For example, in Greece traditionally worn veil of yellow color, and in ancient Rome, the veil has been colored or deep red. Now choose a white veil so that it blends seamlessly with the wedding dress. However, this is not the only thing that you need to look for when buying a veil.

Be sure to pick it up for her hairstyle and wedding accessories for. In this connection, it is recommended to think about all the details in advance and pick up all the toilet at about the same time. For example, the hair must be visible from beneath the veil, so you need to know exactly what kind of hairstyle you choose on your wedding. An even better option would be if you made about styling, and will then be able to try on veils. This will be the best option for a successful choice of style, length veil, and you can pick a place to mount it on the hair. In our time, the choice of a veil is quite diverse. For example, you can be interested in a single layer veil view. It usually covers half of his face and has a rounded shape. It is necessary to ensure that in the wedding ceremony the groom lifted her before kissing his wife. It is a two-layer veil which covers the face, too, but it's a bit longer one single layer - up to about chest.

The most popular is the veil is not in one but in several layers. It is best suited for those brides, who have a particularly high hair and lush. It is not long but not short. In this case, quite magnificent, allowing views of the bride becomes graceful and elegant. The top layer of this kind of veil can be used as a cloak to the face during a wedding ceremony. It looks very noble kind of cathedral veil. He, too, is composed of several layers, but it is still attached and a cable that is sewn on the bottom, under the other layers.

Usually trail very long, and because of this it is removed after the wedding ceremony. When you decide which model is most suitable for you, you need to think about what kind of fabric you'd better pick up for her. Generally selected from tulle, organza or tulle. You can pick up the edging of lace or satin ribbon. In addition to more refinement can be decorated with pearls, sequins or beads, sequins, beads or hand-made embroidery. Do not forget that in all good measure and the veil - it is only addition to you and your image. Designers recommend to pick a more modest veil style to chic dresses and vice versa - elegant veil for a modest fee.