Women termobele- how to choose and how to wear. Reviews and Recommendations

Lingerie for protection from the cold. I enjoy moving winter sports? In this case, first of all you should make sure to frost and cold were not afraid of you. After insulated women's clothing or women's underwear, as it is called is the most important thing for lovers of winter sports. A special role is played here not whether you're going skiing, traveling by car or you walk. It is necessary to choose the right that you put on yourself. Here you will underwear - specially insulated things. And how to choose the right lingerie is to make you comfortable?

Women termobele- how to choose and how to wear. Reviews and Recommendations

If a good deal, then the word "underwear" in this case is not entirely correct. The name is misleading the buyer expects from these clothes, mainly warming effect. But this is not entirely correct. This garment is made of synthetic or mixed materials. Such clothing is good because it does not stretch, and retains heat.

Thermal underwear are distinguished by several factors:

1. According to the type of material. Underwear may be manufactured from a special materiala- polypropylene, polyester, cotton, wool or of both materials in the same proportions. These materials are produced by chemical means, and do not allow any moisture to your body. Just such materials dry quickly and last for a long time to you. And if the material is added to the wool or cotton, the feeling will be much better. The thickness of the material for this kind of underwear like termrbele, is different. The warmest underwear is considered that is made of thick, or rather, heavy material.

2. By appointment. This special underwear is suitable for active sports and for normal wear every day. Underwear made of synthetics is perfect for lovers of water sports, both winter and summer. After all synthetics are known for a long time maintains its properties. Who like skiing is well suited linen mixed with cotton or wool. This protects against any laundry soaking by 3 hours to 8 Cotton wool and just absorb all of the water in itself, after which the laundry is useless. To wear clothes every day is well suited underwear made of wool and cotton, thinner for summer, but for zimy- thicker. And most importantly, that this underwear is comfortable for you. 3. Thermal underwear is moisture to the body, good heats and in some cases a combination of both. As you know, when you exercise in the usual underwear a lot of moisture, it becomes wet. And the properties of the linen of heat preservation deteriorate sharply. And energy is spent to ensure that this moisture to evaporate. A polypropylene, which is produced from underwear, absolutely does not absorb moisture. Water simply runs off and underwear on the body dries quickly. Hence the conclusion that the special underwear is much better than usual for many reasons.

Thermal underwear works in a simple manner. The material from which this linen is made keeping in all the warmth that distinguishes our body. And why would not hypothermia. If the fabric of the garment is thick, then such clothing can keep a bigger air and warm so it will be better. At high physical loads in combination with the cold is more appropriate, of course underwear of several materials. This concerns, first of all mountaineering activities.

Linen is made up of two layers. The first inner layer, which, as it removes all the accumulated moisture and external, which retains heat. The thickness of these layers is different and it depends on the manufacturer of this type of clothing. Therefore, you can easily select the desired clothes for the options you want. Depending on the kind of sport that you do should be to choose the right underwear. If going to ride lyzhah- then wear clothing made of a material with multiple properties. Do you want to just take a walk on the frozen vozduhu- perfect underwear that is just warm. To feel the effect of wearing clothes, the underwear is close-fitting body should not prevent you from moving. Just to complete the effect, first dress thermal underwear, top any fine clothes, which will serve, as it were wired for thermal underwear, and then a jacket, trousers or a suit. Each layer of clothing, which you put themselves must be free access for air thereto. If the access of air is not, and the effect just do not expect any. Laundry Care. Laundry is washed in warm water at a temperature of not more than 40 degrees with soap or detergent. When washing in the washing machine, select a special mode with the addition of special equipment that helps to rinse the laundry. After washing the laundry is dried, and give water to drain and dry itself without the use of any instrument. Linen can not be boiled, ironed and dried in special drying machines. It is also not recommended that you clean the laundry by chemical and process solvents. If the washing temperature is greater than 60 degrees, the material is immediately deprived of all its properties.