Score for your bra, and how to choose it?

Score for your bra, and how to choose it?

Many women are improperly fitted bras. And no matter how long it is worn only bought in the trendy store, or even if you always only buy such shape and bra size, there is always a chance that you did not wear what you need to really.

Score for your bra, and how to choose it?

Very often, a woman called the size of what they were a year, five or ten years ago. They do not even think that all this time the figure could change, so they require have a completely different size cups or chest girth. bra size can change even if you lose or gain weight in the range of five kilograms. And even if your weight has not changed, but your life has become more mobile, the shape of your body are also changing.

Score for your bra, and how to choose it?

And do not forget about the inevitable changes associated with age, which also lead to changes in the size of your bra. All this means that the chosen some time ago bra can be for you is quite inappropriate.

Score for your bra, and how to choose it?

Also, if the bra size of one brand you went perfectly. it does not mean that the same amount of other brands also fit perfectly. Even one brand in a variety of styles of bras change shape, so some of them are not suitable for your figure, your size or shape of the breast. If you do not have confidence that the bra you are wearing now, for you, then you need to carefully examine, in accordance with the requirements for a good bra. 1. If the bra is matched correctly to ensure maximum comfort it must fit tightly to the body.

2. Under the weight of the chest straps should not crash into the shoulders.

3. The bra should be clearly recorded your chest, not allowing her to hang out in different directions.

4. The correct bra nowhere nothing was transferred by and are not pinched.

Score for your bra, and how to choose it? Score for your bra, and how to choose it?

How to choose the right bra? What to look out for on your next visit to the store.

The right choice of bra.

1. Bra its central part should fit snugly to your body between her breasts.

2. The straps should not crash into your hands and not to disturb them.

3. The lower part of the cup should fit snugly under the bust to the body.

4. The bra cups should not lag behind the chest, and was transferred by it.

5. The bra should not deform your body and follow its curves.

6. straps on the back to be parallel to each other or slightly V-shaped converge downwards.

7. The side of the bra should not be collected in the folds and gently against the body.

8. The lower edge of the bra is your rib cage should be covered at the same level and in front of, and behind, but not too hard to climb up or descend. 9. The straps should not fall down from the shoulders with the motion, but do not have to bump into them.

As you can see for yourself, the rules of proper selection of bra are not so difficult. Importantly, do not be in a hurry to get fancy, but not a comfortable model for you, as well as to pay attention to all the changes that happen to your body. Over time it is changed, and therefore must also change our body awareness. Only in this case you will be beautiful and fashionable look, while feeling themselves as comfortable as possible.