What is fashionable in this season?

And now comes the spring. What will be in fashion? So, the main trend of the season - minimalism. Down with complex frilly details, long live the good old classic! A classic - this is all that has no frills to finish. Therefore, comfort, convenience and monochrome sets, of course, is now in vogue.

What is fashionable in this season?

Spring in Russia no less harsh than the winter, because the actual remains of fur and leather. Only this time, the materials used extraordinary: fur boots, shoes and bags combine with lush leather skirts, coats and dresses. The leader of the color palette - beige color. Dresses flying silk, chiffon and organza, long coat strict on the figure, beige shoes - this is definitely something that is fashionable. Also come in handy in the locker room will be ash-gray shades and a bright cherry and mustard color.

What is fashionable in this season?

Every fashionista this season is to buy:

1. Warm and cozy knit cardigan rough, which combines perfectly with dresses and trousers.

2. Knitted dresses of any length, or the dense openwork knit.

3. Trendy high-heeled shoes. For business meetings during the day - classical shoes the color of coffee with milk, for an evening promenade - bright neon pumps with metallic luster. 4. Leather shorts or shorts of colon tissue or skin that looks elegant with a jacket and a jersey.

5. Fur vest or a lighter version - from denim or other thick fabric. Always in fashion.

6. Coverall - practical and stylish item, suitable for parties and business negotiations.

7. White shirt plus a fitted jacket and pants - and you look just perfectly.

8. As strange as it may sound ... a man's suit. The woman he looks sexy and stylish.

9. Sporting knitted trousers - quite routinely. Combined with jackets, sweaters, T-shirts and so on. D. Trendy and comfortable style of casual.

10. A little bit retro - fluffy skirt of the 50's.

And to spice - socks, tights and stockings, slightly exposed for all to see. But only if they are bound by hand, or are made of a dense material.

What is fashionable in this season?