Attire for the full

Many people are mistaken when they think that a woman with a curvy shape can not look stylish and elegant. To do this, just need to choose the appropriate wardrobe and you will not be difficult to achieve the best results.

Attire for the full

diverts attention.

The most important thing for owners of magnificent forms, which should be followed - it is to divert attention from their problem areas. If you do not need to have all focused their attention on your waist, thighs or chest, then do not use these areas of bright details, bows and other Noteworthy decorative elements.

It is not necessary to wear layered suits, in which there is superimposition of one color to another. This option obviously you do not decorate. And also remember that absolutely can not wear a bag at the waist, so you will attract unwanted attention. Better to have a bag that you carry in your hands. What you need to know in order to look fashionable.

In order to always be in the fashion jet and to keep up with it, you often observe how they dress fashionable and stylish people with clothes sizes approximately corresponding to your. You just need to go online in any search engine and type the phrase: "Photo of fashionable clothes for larger women". You will see many examples of how easy it is to look fashionable and elegant.

Attire for the full

To what suits. Women who have narrow shoulders and wide hips enough, should make eye proportion between the hips and shoulders. The top should be cut with a "boat" with a variety of yoke. You can add a short necklace. It is advisable to dress sleeves were shaped "lantern". As everyone knows, dark color visually reduces the volume. So it will be optimal to choose the set where the top is a light, and the bottom - dark.

If the problem is completely different, that is - you have big shoulders and a massive bust, but more or less narrow hips, we recommend that you use a combination of opposite colors. Namely: the top - dark and low - light. Here, it is desirable to choose a skirt, tight hips and flared to the knees. In no case do not wear a pencil skirt, it will break even more proportion. Use the oval cutouts and a large fabric pattern and big jewelry.

Attire for the full Attire for the full

Think about a suitable hairstyle.

Owners fairly large head gets too butch. Another suggested the women lift or curl hair aside from the face, thereby creating additional volume. Then compared with the body of the head is not visually look small. Do not make yourself fashionable women's haircuts with straight long hair.

Attire for the full