Attire "Casual"

The shy, soft touch, and even sloppy - as translated from English Fashion Style CASUAL. Maybe dress in this style is not suitable for social events, or to meet with serious business partners, but to stand out from the crowd wearing fashionable comfortable and elegant things, or add to your image of something from retro, available to all who love this style of clothes.


Fashion without rules, without boundaries, but at the same time at the origins CASUAL were famous personalities in the fashion world. The founder of the style was well-known fashion designer Nino Cerruti, and the great Giorgio Armani has supported and founded a new trend in this style, combining up of incongruous things, such as a jacket and jeans.

If you explain the purpose of a Style CASUAL, we can say that it is an urban clothing every day, able to express the individuality of man, with a comfortable state of mind and body. There are no restrictions in color, length of the clothes. Silhouette should be free, and the fabric soft and pleasant to the touch. Shoes should be comfortable walking, and ordinary shoes or ballet flats will look perfect with any model novelty style. Freedom of creativity, imagination, mix in the same style of different areas of fashion and all sorts of accessories makes this style of popular and favorite among the young, while older fans and followers too much.

Pullovers and shirts, jeans, trousers, skirts and dresses, leggings and shorts, sunglasses, brooches, beads - and use all kinds of clothing accessories, create new fashionable ensembles and maybe you get anything new in CASUAL style.