Preppy style

Very unusual style, which is referred to as Preppy. This style involves a fan from his orderly, communicative, mannerisms and conservatism. In addition, fans of this style lead a healthy lifestyle and do well in their studies. There is no place for rudeness, snobbery and bad manners. And you will never see Preppy style of to trash party where constant much alcohol, this style alien rising above the bra straps and others.

Preppy style is preferred by those who want to look older and more serious, ie. To the style it gives the image of a human light efficiency and formality.

Preppy style

Restrictions in colors not only important thing is that the clothes were bright and colorful. semilying silhouette is dominated by Preppy style.

When choosing fabrics, preference is given tweed, jersey and natural fabrics.

Preppy style

Accessories in this style are reduced to a minimum. This may be a thin chain or small earrings.

When choosing shoes should be remembered that Preppy style prefer shoes with flat soles or low heels. Best suited ballerina.

Wardrobe: blazer, tie, checked shirt with buttons, knitted vest with the emblem, a sweater with a collar, Bermuda shorts, knee socks with a pattern, polo. In the wardrobe of Preppy style girls must be socks and pleated skirt.

Preppy style Preppy style Preppy style Preppy style