The elegant style of dress

Elegance is not an innate quality. This style is acquired over time as a result of the teaching and acquisition of the necessary skills.

Elegance style more often choose a girl who prefer femininity. Their manner of dress corresponds to the mild, calm nature and smooth movement.

Do fans of elegant style of dress color has a limited range of colors - black, gray, blue, red, fuchsia. Silhouette of a narrow or vertical.

The elegant style of dress

The elegance does not allow such a thing as a low cost, so the fabrics for apparel, accessory materials are chosen only natural, high quality.

In the wardrobe of elegant girl must be present the relevant accessories such as hats, scarves, stoles, long gloves and a small handbag. The elegant style is not a large amount of jewelry welcomed. In order to emphasize the grace and style, quite a bit of jewelry made of gold, silver, or pearls.

Shoes in elegant style implies the obligatory presence of a heel.

The elegant wardrobe girls include: straight cut skirts, blouses and shirts, formal trousers, shorts "Bermuda", form-fitting blazers, which are complemented by wide belts. In addition, for special occasions should be cocktail dresses direct or close fitting style, or a small fee fine hand-knitted. May be present pantsuits male cut, jackets.