Attire Disco

Style Disco implies a bright and noisy life. Favorite day of the fans of this style -. Saturday, so in the evening you can relax in good company with the rhythms of Disco music.

Clothing style Disco loves pink, blue and other saturated hues.

Clothing style Disco - a slim silhouette.

Attire Disco

Because of the rich choice of fabrics, preference is given to viscose, jacquard, metallic thread, polyester and spandex.

Favorite Accessories disco - suspension and bulk earrings, bracelet and a large number of strings of falshzoloto, colored rings and glasses of bizarre shapes with bright windows.

Shoes disco - it's sandals and sandals with high heels or high platforms.

Attire Disco

Wardrobe: bright tights with short denim shorts, a cap of jeans with sequins, semi-transparent top or T-shirt, white leather pants, jeans, slinky, sundresses from jeans and long skirts, bright T-shirts and shorts, dress shirt suede shorts -kombinezony. In addition, the disco also characterized by trouser suits from cashmere suits of long cardigans and short shorts. However, the disco like it when a lot of glitter and neon colors. It can be found in oblipku satin trousers, the things of gold and silver Lamé, tights knitted with additives Lyra and lurex.