Attire "Country"

In the early seventies of the twentieth century originated the style of Country. In our view, country-style, has an association with Old England, where there are colorful folklore traditions and the Wild West.

Country Style, is attracting the preference of people sensitive and unusual delicate natures. This type of people, afford to be connected with the organic, what seems to the unconnected. For such people, alien to the opinions of others and they do not seem to be afraid to be funny. Because the clothes they choose, due to the fact that they were in it comfortably.


The clothing style Country, is mainly dominated by pastels and muted colors. These include different shades of gray, ocher, beige and brown. Country style, has the characteristic of a pacified and comfortable silhouette. To this garment include, tunics, dresses, blouses and long, full skirts. As well as cardigans, sweaters large handmade skirts and trousers.

The clothing fabric, this style, preference is given to natural materials. This cotton, linen and wool. A distinctive feature of country style, are the patterns, lace, fringe and appliques. As well as handmade lace trim, beading and embroidery.


Accessorize country style, are knitted shawl, poncho in a cage, scarves with big size bag-bag and small bag-pouch. As well as country-style fans, prefer to wear white socks and stockings. In addition, they are from the headdress worn straw hats, berets and caps in the form of pots, which are made by manual work.

Country style shoes are very convenient and comfortable. For this style of footwear are sandals with a strap and normal shoes with a small heel or wooden clogs. The country-style decorations in clothes, there is not a luxury. For this style of jewelry are large wooden earrings and small beads. By wearing a straw hat with a wide belt, pick up a skirt or dress. More to the straw hat, a good fit suit jacket with wide-cut and with leather buttons.