Summer Elegance for plump

What to wear to be fashionable, elegant, with a couple of extra kilos? These kgs will not cover you access to short skirts and shorts and do not require you to wear clothing that resembles the shapeless tents. Even in the case of severe excess weight, a woman can dress stylish and fashionable.

Recently, more and more designers creating fashions for women with more weight, followed by a closer look at these new ideas. But the most important thing is to complete the clothes she has adapted to its silhouette, and stressed its beneficial side.

When it comes to female "bulk", many imagine that meant only one type of shape, and all the clothes philosophy must be based solely on her disguise. Meanwhile, each complete woman has something good that can show the whole world.

Summer Elegance for plump

Belt: to be or not to be?

You have a well-marked waist? Then underline it, wearing a belt! Do not be worried about big breasts and ass - they are not handicapped. You figure resembles an hourglass? Well, it's just a large hourglass! And if the figure is similar to the big apple, give up the belt. Look at yourself closely, can it is necessary to demonstrate their beautiful legs?

Summer Elegance for plump

Macy's or mini?

You would think that beautiful legs can only be called slender legs? This is mistake! Many skinny girls are embarrassed to show his knees. If your legs are straight, smooth, and there is no cellulite, slightly tanned - safely display them! If you still think that your feet are not worthy of public viewing, we recommend to choose a long gown with vertical slits on the sides. It will visually lengthen the silhouette.

Perhaps you should pay attention to dress with a cut on the right side. The breast may be pockets and a decorative neckline and extended wedges will make your silhouette elegant hourglass. The dress hugs the hands and feet, leaving the focus of your bust and décolleté, which will ornament jewelry.

Summer Elegance for plump

Shorts - for or against?

Complete women often wear shorts, and in most cases they look like a nightmare. Does this mean that you are not allowed to wear shorts? Not at all! Choosing shorts, we often think about how convenient it is, forgetting about style. It is this error leads to what we said earlier. Do not forget to set a style: sporty or elegant. Only in this case, the image is whole and complete, and no one will say that your view is terrible.

Summer Elegance for plump

What are the pants?

You may well come straight pants, tight-fitting, but not much, and preferably with a "lightning" on the side. And also, will look good almost extended (but not the bag), long pants. High heels in combination with a slightly elongated trousers will make the figure more slender.

Summer Elegance for plump

Do not hesitate to be sexy!

Maxi or mini, with or without the neck, different color, do not limit yourself to just "black, which visually hudit". Select the correct size. Clothing should be light, does not restrict movement. She seemed to speak for you: "I know and accept your body, so what it is I'm beautiful.".