Dress Style "unisex"

The emergence unisex clothing - another manifestation of the struggle for gender equality. He suggests a lack of clothing any signs of gender identity of the one who adheres to it.

Unisex style can be divided into several trends: military, protest, street, globalist and classic.

Unisex colors - dark blue, all shades of gray, pastel and military. this style of clothes should not be tight. All selected shapeless silhouettes. For such clothing is best suited easy and not very dense fabric.

The requirement, which is exposed to the unisex style - comfort. Because it relates to the practical shoes for sneaker type shoe or boot. The ideal accessory for Unisex - glasses a la John Lennon and minimum of wooden jewelry.

Dress Style

Despite the fact that this style involves blurring the boundaries between the different floors, for men and women, it still requires a different choice of clothing. So, as for men, they can even afford a tight figure-shirts.

Optimal male version unisex - neckline, frills, flounces, non-traditional cut pants. The color palette is preferable pastel shades in combination with vivid details.

Dress Style

For women unisex offering shoes at a low speed or the soldiers' heavy boots, hoodies, stretched sweater, faded jeans. Especially popular men's jackets, shirts, ties, pants and hats.

The use of cosmetics is acceptable, but the colors are rather dark. The same applies to the choice of colors in all the wardrobe in principle.