Fashion for full ladies

What woman does not want to be beautiful? At all times, women are a lot of time and effort spent on it, with the help of clothes, hairstyles, makeup and various accessories to hide the flaws of their appearance, to emphasize the dignity and express their unique individuality.

We are often dissatisfied with their appearance, and the most trouble gives us the imperfection of our figure, excessive thinness or lack of harmony. However, we do not want this to stop us pick up your image and style.

Fortunately, the designers in creating their new collections and remember about those women whose figures do not meet the canons of model appearance. They create unique models for all types of shapes, and many women's magazines you can find the pattern of the garment with detailed explanations of their independent creation. We are professionals, and we can safely take advantage of the advice of the great couturiers.

Fashion for full ladies

It is known that the dark color is always working on our slim visually decreasing volumes, and win-win situation will dress dark tones with a V-shaped cut and sleeve below the elbow. Add to it the shoes with pointed toe, always on the heels, stockings and thin (visually dense compacted calf) and be assured of the irresistibility. Admiring glances of half of mankind will be the best proof that you tried not in vain. If you lead a fairly active lifestyle, then try to choose elegant pullover with plunging neckline, emphasize its image fashionable beads or wear a smock style folk, adding black skirt below the knee. Smartly pick up clothes and makeup, you will always know that look well.

Fashion for full ladies Fashion for full ladies

What encourages us mode "for full" in the coming year? She, as always, is very democratic and leaves us with a wide choice of clothing to suit all tastes. If you like jeans - do not abandon them, even if you think you have wide hips. Put them loose tunic with slits on the sides, they lengthen the silhouette.

Blouses and shirts with a low waist, combined with straight pants emphasize your femininity. You can pick them stylish tie. If you like the dress, just keep in mind - in the long you will look slimmer. V-neck emphasize the beauty of the chest and visually lengthen the figure (with the same purpose, do not neglect the bra) if you do not like the effect of "naked neck" - cover with her handkerchief, shawl or jewelry. When choosing a fabric look at the picture - it should not be too small.

Fashion for full ladies

to divert attention from full hands, you can use the sleeve, even a little.

A little "pull" a round or wide face can be picked up long earrings.

What we recommend to exclude from the wardrobe of

? Short little skirt, contrasting clothes (white top, black bottom), an aggressive makeover (dark tones isolated and highlight deficiencies), too heavy and bulky jewelry.

As you can see, the prohibitions are not so many. Only need to carefully approach the selection of self-image, which will emphasize your particular unique appearance and help you to always look charming and attractive.