Boho Style (Boho)

Style Boho - the original and eclectic. It organically combines hippie, military, ethnic, folk style. Boho learned a lot from the culture of the nomadic Gypsies - their traditional colorful clothes and massive decorations.

Boho magically combines the expensive designer clothes and cheap clothing street style, giving as a result an interesting, no matter what do not like the style.

Boho Style (Boho)

Boho is close to those who prefer a free way of life, because in addition to the originality of this style boasts convenience. Shoes in boho style - it's comfortable sandals, ugg boots, cowboy boots.

Most of the orders relating to the boho style, have free cut. Flower welcome khaki, blue, white, black. On clothes are often present floral and vegetable prints. Characteristic for Boho fabric - organza, fur, knitwear.

Boho Style (Boho) Boho Style (Boho)

If you have chosen the style of Boho, then in the locker room have to present things like baggy skirts and trousers, narrowed jeans, Bermuda shorts, cotton dresses and sundresses length maxi tunic, decorated with fringe, straw hats.

Winter Boho style means big cozy sweaters and fur vests.

A distinctive feature of the accessories used to create a boho style is their massiveness. Jewelry should be large enough - long hanging earrings, bracelets volume, large beads and pendants. Glass sunglasses should also be large. A bag - very spacious, decorated with studs and fringe.